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mousey bastardo.. hast luego!!!

15 January 2011
I caught the little bastard!!! The stowaway has been here since who knows how long????? Getting into chips, my coveted star bucks, pooping in my babes clothes, my shirts....munching on my fresh veggies and ....DAM! After a month and a half, and one night with the loaded traps.....SNAP! Bye bye freeloader!!
Now, if I was really hungry this little furry sum bitch would have been on the asado...(BBQ) but for now he was chummed for fish bait.

SO, what's been the MO for wades aweigh and the supposed...."GAY BOAT??? Ok, now I see why it is so misunderstood....two guys, one is 73 and one is 47......two dudes sailing and having fun.....why does society ASSUME??????.....last night I got word from a hetero couple that the word around the anchorage is that wades aweigh was the gay boat!!! Far from it, but not that it is a bad thing....bad wrap for sure, misunderstood frame of reference for the other cruisers but funny as heck all the same.

Dad and I did the jungle trip yesterday and then had a late lunch at the palapa and lobster and a couple of margaritas...YUMMY!!!!...then today....1/15 we sailed out to the aquarium for some snorkeling but got shut out due to heavy swells.....DAMMIT!!!! Pops had a major (you know what) for the aquarium....welcome to cruising my fun....went back to the anchorage fishing all the while with no strikes, hook down, mask on, I had to scrape the bottom. Now, let me tell you guys....I am NOT spinning some kind of book endeavor or wanting to toot my own horn....(please excuse my Spanish)....shit grows REALLY fast here in the warm water. Last time I scraped the bottom was with sunny girl in Las Hadas....2 weeks later......I look like the unadulterated non caring part time boat owner who pumps his or hers crap overboard in a pristine cove with award winning shellfish. I mean, no kidding sports scraper literally would STOP with all I had to give it while slamming it down toward the least 5" growth on the bottom!!! All the while the skipjacks and yellowfins I couldn't catch along the way freeloading on my floating jetsam coming off the hull....obviously the unemployed.

Last night we were invited to hook up to the inflatable dingy party floating about in the was the preverbal Friday night fights in our harbor.....bring drink and eats.....I brought Poppie and some olives (thanks honey for stocking me up) and some wine....we had a blast!!! We all hung out in a 12 boat floatilla in front of wades aweigh for a couple of hours.....since me and pops outlasted them all, the last dink was a couple from the catamaran I've been wanting to see....low and behold, they liked to party and the guy (Kevin) knew everyone my dad knew in the tow boating business....lets just say they had vodka and dad was happy....we left their boat late....only after Felicia (wife) hooked me up with all her LED bulbs and I tore off all the headliners to replace the lights for them.....keep in mind folks.....I'm a white tornado with a pair of needle nose and some bulbs.....I was a super hero as we looked at the gained lumens and lost amp hours with such an easy change out.....GOD I love to save watts!!!!!

As I limped the dingy back at about 11pm my only hope was to get one fulfilled poppie back safely to his bunk....up the ladder and down he went....has he done this before?!??

Tonight after the bottom scraping I made a killer spaghetti with onion, garlic. Artichoke hearts, olives. Tomatoe, olive oil, jalepeneos and rocked!

Capt and dad ready for bed......

Have a 6 hour trudge uphill to chamela in the early am

Love to all....

Capt lawnboy-
Vessel Name: wades aweigh
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Extra: I bought the boat from mom & dad in 1999 and have been restoring her to current glory ever since. It's a work in progress. This blog is an accounting of my travels raw and uncut.
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