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16 January 2011 | chamela
So....where'd I leave ya? Feel like you've been hanging??....sorry fellow blog followers...just sort of fell into, well, I guess the cruising life! It's been one warm sunny day after another. We are currently swinging on anchor in 25' of clear tropical water, anchor nestled sweetly in a bed of sand....just me and about 20 other cruising boats here in Chamela. We had a wild ride up here from Tenacatita this morning with about 15-18 kts of wind on our nose....the climb uphill was slow but hell....who's in a hurry?!?? I had the good fortune of the wind gods slapping me with a breeze backing to the NW, so was able to reel out my headsail for added stability and an extra knot of hull speed! THANKYOU ODEN!!!! We saw many LARGE whales, some turtles and a dead this or that floating on the's the cycle of life. I was really enjoying the windward side of the boat in pure unadulterated sun while Pops was below reading and snoring in intervals that only made sense to him.

It was too rough to cook anything, so only a couple cups of coffee and a food bar had to hold me over until 3pm when we landed here....then it was a giant cold "SOL" cerveza and some chips. After we settled in, I headed to the bow with my big cushion for some much needed R & R with my book....the scene was incredible....let me try to paint it for you....remember paint by numbers as a kid?

The warm breeze bounced off my sweaty body only to cool me internally from the sensory overload I was trying to accept as my reality. With my tanned bare feet braced against my shiny anchor windlass, I braced myself to accept gods swells and surge that Wades Aweigh so gently accepts as her reality and has learned to live with. As her hull (recently scraped free of all freeloading worms, barnacles and ocean critters) lazily rolls with all the ocean has to offer paired with the brisk 15 knot breeze, she accepts me as her master. I have brought the vessel and its crew many thousands of miles to enjoy this moment. I cannot read for more than a minute or two without looking around me at the spectacle of my world. Palm trees swaying in the breeze like listless sea grasses in an ebb tide. Sea birds dive bombing unsuspecting feeder fish at the surface, inflatable boats buzzing by, waving at me.....yee haw's and whoooo hooooo's on the beach, a tuba resonating low notes carried turbo charged across my ocean god!....I can even smell someone cooking garlic on another boat!! My wind generator spinning away leaving only the whirring sounds of an airplane propeller sans any carbon footprint stealing for free without restitution free amps for my COOL is my life?!?? As I pinch myself and see that there are no goosebumps from the cold northwest winter (and...OUCH! That hurt!!) this is my life! The pages keep getting turned but in reality I am writing my own novel for others to read. As I frame this life for you in my corny way of is my hope you can visualize what I am seeing and feeling.....harmony. If My friend Terry hadn't name his boat that....I may just change mine to that....HEY! Wait a minute! Maybe I should just buy another boat!.....god forbid!

Tonight me and Poppie kinda went over the next handful of days until it was obvious that this little adventure is culminating into a rapidly narrow schedule...only 15 days left before we fly home....and 3 of those (I gave up selling him on 4) will be in Marina Mazatlan pickling the boat for the next 10 months or so....may even bring it home for some much needed repairs....more on that later.

We will stay here for a glorious couple of days, then pound north to La Cruz for a couple days. Weather report says lighter winds on Tuesday and Wednesday....may be our window for making Banderos Bay.

Oh, picture today was of the flotilla of dinks in Tenacatita for drinks and finger foods....yeah....we were there for sure, in fact we got invited to continue on with Kevin and Felicia on their beautiful LARGE catamaran since we were the sole survivors of the outing......we stayed till way late as they had cold beer and vodka for dad! During the night, the subject of LED lights came up, she showed me her COMMON!!!!! Like a kid in a stereo store I was HOOKED.... Man, I had all their cabin lights changed out to LED's in a matter of about 30 minutes......can you say, "HIGH FIVE?!??" they love me long time!!

All for now, gotta email my babe and see what's up in the real world.....hope you all are staying dry and warm!....what was that???? What did you just say to me???? OMG! Did you just give me the finger?!??
Love you too!! You're number one!!!

Pelon Lindo
Vessel Name: wades aweigh
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 Irwin 37
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About: Me? well, retired pseudo landscaper turned worldsailor and adventure junkieā€¦.chasing new horizons one ocean at a time
Extra: I bought the boat from mom & dad in 1999 and have been restoring her to current glory ever since. It's a work in progress. This blog is an accounting of my travels raw and uncut.
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