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Neah Bay, ready to launch!

18 September 2023
Brian Wade
Hello All!!! After a successful launch with much fanfare (including Dave’s taking some killer drone footage) I have slogged my way out to Neah Bay, for a days rest (sans a multitude of boat prep) and writing this blog not knowing if my high seas hookup is going to work just yet, please stay tuned! the trip out was full of action! first a fouled furling unit up at the bow, sail stuck out as wind increased…a few swears later I gained posture and went to work in the waves and wind….yes mommy I had on my life jacket!..I learned real quick to be mindful of letting sail out under control so the furler line doesn’t foul…guess I’m a bit rusty.

then, the canvas cradle tore with yet another line that was fouled when it was put away wrong….not taking credit for that one!

NOW, I’m hammer down with engine gulping fuel at 2200 rpm to get the speed I needed to make Neah before nightfall.

To add to the excitement, whale boats….and lots of them!…I also became a short term spectator of these majestic creatures (grey variety) until one almost ran into me…and radio blaring at me to get the hell outa the way!! Well, one nice captain responded to my hailing about where the HELL do you want me then!..ended up being a great experience and I know they have to make a living too, so chill Mr. SailorBoy…chill!!

thanks to the urging and advice from my friend Howard to use all sails and motor at an RPM I wasn’t comfortable with…I had anchor down well before dark….oh, and yes, HOWARD…you were right…engine did just fine :).

finished off my day with a gourmet meal of Mac & Cheese followed by 1? glass of Pendleton :). Slept like a baby.

So, sports fans, tomorrow is it! Hope to talk to you all again soon!!
Vessel Name: wades aweigh
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 Irwin 37
Hailing Port: anacortes, wa
Crew: Captain Lawnboy!
About: Me? well, retired pseudo landscaper turned worldsailor and adventure junkie….chasing new horizons one ocean at a time
Extra: I bought the boat from mom & dad in 1999 and have been restoring her to current glory ever since. It's a work in progress. This blog is an accounting of my travels raw and uncut.
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