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Lo De Marcos Land trip!

03 March 2024
Brian Wade
Shortly after arriving my buddies Mor & Cathy reached out and invited me to come visit their place they keep for the winter in a small town just 40 min north of here called Lo De Marcos. Of course I was jacked as all get out as I haven’t seen them for a while, plus this place is RIGHT on the beach! (pics withheld to protect their privacy :)). The only reservation for me was, I’ve been really sick! A trifecta of heat exhaustion, dehydration and a parasite that just didn’t want to close up shop in my stomach….now, I know what you are thinking….”are you hydrating Lawnboy?” Not enough. “Are you taking electrolytes?” I am now…everyday. “did you drink the skanky water or eat bad food?” Hell no! AND I always drink bottled water when out…and ask if ice is from purified water….always…”oh yes senior!” well….someone LIED! Anyway, I get usually go thru this every time I come to Mx…lasts about 10 days.

Alas, I was able to make it to their house without any “incidents” along the way and took a taxi just to be safe.
The reunion was epic fun…and let me tell you, when I saw this place they had…WOW! Private pool, beautiful main hacienda with killer ADU (casita) they rent, beautifully landscaped with tropical plants, nice lawns…just first class all the way…this day & night is gonna suck hard…suffering man….I’m suffering!!

We begin with beers poolside and get caught up on the happinins of each others wild lifestyles, what the kids are up to & who has travelled where recently. With stomach still grumbling and one proactive trip to the baño, we head to the incredibly beautiful beach for a walk. Back to the house for a dip in the crystal clear pool, freshen up and perhaps another adult beverage consumed, we walked down to the end of the beach to an unassuming restaurant that had massive drinks and world class tortilla soup! (see pic attached).

Now, these friends have been coming to Mexico for the winter for decades…so you can say they know a few people. It was endearing how whenever Mor introduced me to his peeps, it was: “This is my friend SHAKA…He sailed solo down here from Seattle on a boat he grew up on…” Talk about deer in the headlights looks I’d get…like…”ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY MAN?” yeah, never heard that one before :)

Next day we went to the local market where I purchased a really cool handmade leather pouch thing (kinda like a paperboy satchel…but small and you wear it in front on your side. Perfect for carrying around your cellie, wallet, passport, sunblock & bug spray! No, it’s not a Murse!

Followed by another long walk looking for sea glass on the beach, we decided to grab lunch before at caught the bus back….(preemptive trip to the baño once again.) Things are looking up!…Mor then walks with me up to the highway to the bus stop. Wants to make sure I get on the right one going the right way :-) which in Mexico sometimes is a challenge ha ha. Luckily, I got on a bus with air conditioning which was a plus considering how hot it was out. Now my only concern is this dude. Let me off at the right spot to go back to lock cruise.

40 mins later, after 2 reminders…he forgets…fly’s right past my stop…..before I realize we are going the wrong way…..I say…”Hey AMIGO! LA CRUZ!” He looks shocked (while texting and talking on his cell phone the entire trip) and slams on the brakes square in the middle of a massively busy road and says, “OUT! OUT!” I’m like…”DUDE what the hell!! It’s like 1.5 miles back to the other place I got to catch bus!…”
No Hablo Inglés senior out out! So, there you go…I’m in flip flops, hot as hell…2 bags of shit to carry and lost…ish…

Now, remember the preemptive bathroom breaks I was telling you about before? Well, let’s just say my time was up. So now I have that emergency going on I’m on a busy highway. I have no toilet paper and there’s no bushes to hide behind so you see my situation :-(

Let’s just say, in an emergency, a flour tortilla will do the trick….sort of…thank god I had a leftover chicken quesadilla which, by the way, didn’t end up being leftovers to eat ha ha you get my drift.

Later flagged down a taxi van, and got screwed on that deal too…as he dropped me far from the marina and I had to add another mile to my already long day of walking in old flip flops….8.5 miles in total to be exact. Ahhh the experiences I have to create good content for you folks.

Cant tell you how glad I was to see my boat, it’s private bathroom, fans, cold beer and water…lots and lots of cold water!

This is what dreams are made of !

All for now!
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