Waiting to sail away

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24 March 2015
24 March 2015
24 March 2015
24 March 2015
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a Texas size education part1

22 March 2015 | Kansas City
Amy and I are currently on our way back to Texas to take our next sailing course. We are going to the same city, the same school, and even the same instructor, Rat Lady. Rat lady (aka Adel) was our first instructor for ASA 101, and will be our instructor for ASA 103-Basic Costal Cruising and 104-Bareboat Chartering. Now anyone who is a fan, or even a passive reader of this blog will remember Rat Ladies interesting personality and different sense of humor, and we're stuck on a small boat with this weird lady for two days. This is going to be different to say the least. But until then, we are waiting to board the plane, get to Houston, and catch the tail end of the Kemah Crawfish Festival (pun intended).
Vessel Name: Clair de lune
Vessel Make/Model: 1982 25' O'Day s/v
Hailing Port: Indianola, Iowa
Crew: Amy and Gene
About: We are beginning our journey from land based people to sailors. We are starting our blog as a way to share our story (which was inspired by many other bloggers on this site) and measure our own progress.
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sailors in training

Who: Amy and Gene
Port: Indianola, Iowa