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Almost ready!!

29 April 2015 | Iowa
Gene/Getting Warmer
This Spring has been a busy on, with much boat, constantly changing weather, and to many delays. As I have posted in past bloggings, the ignition was replaced, a new blower installed, the bilge pump was reseated and working like a champ, and due to my own lack of electrical knowledge (read stupidity) I have installed a new battery selector switch. Amy has been a huge help with the cosmetic work for the upcoming season. Amy and I sanded all the Teak trim (bright work) and varnished to keep the wood looking great! Then winter decided to have one last go at us. We lost a week worth of work time and delayed our splashing into May. That being said, We hit it hard last week and this week. The Hull was washed with hull cleaner, an acid that strips away all the oxidation from the previous year. We applied two coats of wax, and completed our first attempt at bottom painting our sailboat. We would not of been so successful, without the experience of our neighbor Karl. I would also not be covered in "water resistant" paint that doesn't come off easily. I have given myself several abrasions with an SOS pad, trying not to look like a Dalmatian walking on two legs. We plan on launching early Saturday morning and putting up the mast once I fix and replace the mast lights. These will be needed to identify ourselves while anchored in coves overnight.
Vessel Name: Clair de lune
Vessel Make/Model: 1982 25' O'Day s/v
Hailing Port: Indianola, Iowa
Crew: Amy and Gene
About: We are beginning our journey from land based people to sailors. We are starting our blog as a way to share our story (which was inspired by many other bloggers on this site) and measure our own progress.
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sailors in training

Who: Amy and Gene
Port: Indianola, Iowa