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08 December 2013
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02 January 2010
31 October 2009 | Trinidad to St Thomas

Day 2 Simpatica : Raining on Richard

27 May 2010

Day 2 was mostly free of stress. We fell into the groove of our watch schedules. We are using the same schedule we used on Marinette from Fort Lauderdale to New York so the three of us got used to it pretty quick. The Shedule is: Tofer 6am-10am, Jimmy 10am-2pm, Richard 2pm-6pm, Tofer 6pm-8pm, Jimmy 8pm-10pm, Richard 10pm-midnight, Tofer midnight-2am, Jimmy 2am-4am, Richard 4am-6am.

This schedule works beautifully and even seems ok when hand steering. We were a bit concerned that the 4 hour day watches might be to much but they work fine so far.

The rain fell in buckets on both of Richard's day watches while leaving jimmy damp but dry on ours. Richard's spirits seemed to fall a bit for some reason. The rain also brought to light all of the leaks on the boat. There are a lot but the most troubling was the one over the Nav station where we keep all of the electronics, inverter, Iridium phone etc. We covered it all with plastic bags and towels and it all survived.

We sure enjoy getting your messages. Thanks for the encouragement (Sumoceaan) and jokes (Slowmocean).

We finally have a little wind and are actually sailing with all sails full on a beam reach SW wind @ 8-12 at about 6.5 to 7 knots. The plan is still to stop at Ocean World in the DR for fuel and to check the weather situation before pushing on toward Key West.

Have a GREAT Day,

Captain Tofer, Richard, and Jimmy
Vessel Name: Wandering Dolphin
Vessel Make/Model: 47' Steven's Custom Aluminium Cutter
Hailing Port: Deerlodge, Montana
Crew: Kristofer, Rebecca, Jim, EmilyAnne, Kanyon, Kaleb, Benny
We are a family of 7 (5 kids ages 8-19). We have spent 18 years working with troubled youth. We ran a boys home on a farm in Montana for 12 of those years. [...]
Extra: Right now we are working in St Thomas getting ready to head south to get out of the hurricane belt this year.
Home Page: http://www.wanderingdolphin.com
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5 days offshore!
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Created 16 January 2008
Santa heard that there was a boat anchored out in the harbor at Oriental with six kids aboard. He decided to take a dingy ride out to bring them their gifts.
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Created 25 December 2007
The Boys who burned our house down admilted that they did it. (they poured gas all over and lit it) They were sentenced to 3 years of probation and each of them were fined $5000. to be divided between three families who had loss in the fire. One of them was 17 when it happened but they tried him as a juvinile.
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Created 7 June 2007
After the refit in Florida, we crossed the Gulf Stream and spent a few great months in the Bahamas.
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Created 18 May 2007
Wandering Dolphin was hit by both Francis and Jeane while she was in Lucaya on Grand Bahama. We sailed her to Florida nad did the refit ourselves. Wandering Dolphin is like a whole new boat!
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Created 16 May 2007


Who: Kristofer, Rebecca, Jim, EmilyAnne, Kanyon, Kaleb, Benny
Port: Deerlodge, Montana
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