Cruising Adventures on S/V Warren Peace

09 February 2013 | LaPaz, Mexico
26 November 2010 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
13 January 2010 | Isla Partida
22 December 2009 | Isla San Francisco
15 December 2009 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
03 April 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico
19 March 2009 | Isla Isabela
05 March 2009 | Chamela to LaCruz
04 March 2009 | Chamela
28 February 2009 | Manzanillo
28 February 2009 | Colima, Comala, Manzanillo
15 February 2009 | Barra de Navidad
14 February 2009 | Barra de Navidad
03 February 2009 | Puerto de la Navidad
25 January 2009 | LaCruz
23 January 2009 | Chacala
18 January 2009 | Mazatlan
15 January 2009 | Sea of Cortez
09 January 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico

Cruising the Islands with Friends

13 January 2010 | Isla Partida
John Warren
There is a group of islands just north of LaPaz...Isla Espiritu Santo, Isla Partida, Isla San Francisco and Isla San Jose. The closest which is Isla Espiritu Santo is only about 20 miles from our marina and Isla San Jose is the furthest north in this little island chain...approximately 50 miles away. All these islands have beautiful anchorages and most are well protected from the northerly winds. If you ever travel to LaPaz these islands are easily accessible on a day trip by a fast panga.

West of the islands is a mountain range with shear cliffs and spectacular striations of different layers of multiple colors. These layers are colored in rust, charcoal and green. The rust must be from iron and the green is obviously copper...but, not sure what is forming the deep layers of charcoal.

Larry and Karen Burnworth...friends of ours from the Corinthian Yacht Club...arrived last week for an adventure on Warren Peace. Their arrival coincided perfectly with a great weather window which allowed us most of a week at the more popular anchorages. Our days were filled with sailing from anchorage to anchorage, fishing, swimming and snorkeling. It seemed however that the main goal of the week was to catch fish...particularly Dorado (also known as Mahi Mahi). It was only on the next to last day when we were sailing from Isla San Francisco to Isla Partida/Ensenada Grande that we hit the jackpot...twice. We were all in the cockpit talking about how nice the trip had been when Karen looked back at the fishing lines and there were two of the most prized fish on our hooks. Karen pulled in one of the lines and I pulled in the other to find two nice Dorado's that were willing to give themselves to us...well, maybe they weren't that willing...but we kept them anyway. (picture is attached of Karen with her Dorado)

Our last night was spent anchored at Ensenada Grande which is most beautiful. The sea was like a swimming pool...totally flat...which made the water crystal clear. You could see every detail on the sand about 20 feet below our boat. It seemed that you could almost reach out and touch the anchor...the water was like glass.

All good things eventually come to an end. On the last night of anchoring the winds and swells started building about 2:00AM in the morning and our friends got to experience the uncomfortable side of being at anchor. The boat starting pitching, the anchor chain started growling and no one got any sleep from that point on. We pulled the anchor just before daybreak and motor sailed back to Marina Costa Baja in 20 to 25 knot winds with lumpy seas, however...the weather did improve as we got closer to LaPaz and all ended well.

All in all...a wonderful five days of sailing the southern Sea of Cortez with friends. Good times had by all!

Vessel Name: Warren Peace
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Passport 47 Center Cockpit
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: John and Sharon Warren
About: We discovered sailing early in our marriage and have loved being on the water ever since. We started sailing on San Francisco Bay on a Catalina 27 and then upgraded to a Catalina 36. We then realized that we wanted to eventually go cruising and bought the boat that we have now...a Passport 47.
Sharon and I have cruised up and down the California coast many times and sailed in the 2000 Baja Ha Ha. The four Amigos took Warren Peace down the coast on the 2002 Baja Ha Ha. The boat's home base has been San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico for the past several years. Moving Warren Peace to the [...]

Who: John and Sharon Warren
Port: San Francisco