Cruising Adventures on S/V Warren Peace

09 February 2013 | LaPaz, Mexico
26 November 2010 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
13 January 2010 | Isla Partida
22 December 2009 | Isla San Francisco
15 December 2009 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
03 April 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico
19 March 2009 | Isla Isabela
05 March 2009 | Chamela to LaCruz
04 March 2009 | Chamela
28 February 2009 | Manzanillo
28 February 2009 | Colima, Comala, Manzanillo
15 February 2009 | Barra de Navidad
14 February 2009 | Barra de Navidad
03 February 2009 | Puerto de la Navidad
25 January 2009 | LaCruz
23 January 2009 | Chacala
18 January 2009 | Mazatlan
15 January 2009 | Sea of Cortez
09 January 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico


05 March 2009 | Chamela to LaCruz
John Warren
Our sail from Chamela to LaCruz was very fast for Warren Peace. The first few hours we motored under bare poles as the seas were absolutely flat with no wind and then a nice 16-18 kt breeze came in on our port side still with perfectly flat seas...Warren Peace was in her element and we were doing 8s and 8.5s all day long. Most all sailors just wish for those sort of days. The sea conditions were perfect and inkly blue. We made LaCruz in just over 12 hours.'s the really neat part of the whole day. For hours we were sailing through hundreds and hundreds of sea turtles. Their shells are about two and half feet in diameter. We've never seen anything like it before in all our years of sailing. This year we have seen so many sea critters...whales, dolphins, and now turtles. Many of the turtles had birds sitting on their shells...I guess just taking a break from flying around in the ocean with no place to land. You'll notice the white area on the turtle's shell...remnants of the hitch hiking birds!!! Attached is a picture of one of the turtles and you can see just how inky blue the ocean was on that day.

We are now back in Bandaras Bay at the marina in LaCruz. We'll be moving Warren Peace to Paradise Village (a very nice marina in Puerto Vallarta) on Monday for three days and then start moving north once again on Thursday if weather permits. Our stops will be Punta Mita, Chacala, Isla Isabella and then Mazatlan for several days. Warren Peace will need more diesel and good weather to make the 200+ mile crossing to LaPaz from Mazatlan.

Take care everyone...we miss you! Hope your weather is as fantastic as ours. Everyday here is the skies and mid 80s.
Vessel Name: Warren Peace
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Passport 47 Center Cockpit
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: John and Sharon Warren
About: We discovered sailing early in our marriage and have loved being on the water ever since. We started sailing on San Francisco Bay on a Catalina 27 and then upgraded to a Catalina 36. We then realized that we wanted to eventually go cruising and bought the boat that we have now...a Passport 47.
Sharon and I have cruised up and down the California coast many times and sailed in the 2000 Baja Ha Ha. The four Amigos took Warren Peace down the coast on the 2002 Baja Ha Ha. The boat's home base has been San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico for the past several years. Moving Warren Peace to the [...]

Who: John and Sharon Warren
Port: San Francisco