Cruising Adventures on S/V Warren Peace

09 February 2013 | LaPaz, Mexico
26 November 2010 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
13 January 2010 | Isla Partida
22 December 2009 | Isla San Francisco
15 December 2009 | San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
03 April 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico
19 March 2009 | Isla Isabela
05 March 2009 | Chamela to LaCruz
04 March 2009 | Chamela
28 February 2009 | Manzanillo
28 February 2009 | Colima, Comala, Manzanillo
15 February 2009 | Barra de Navidad
14 February 2009 | Barra de Navidad
03 February 2009 | Puerto de la Navidad
25 January 2009 | LaCruz
23 January 2009 | Chacala
18 January 2009 | Mazatlan
15 January 2009 | Sea of Cortez
09 January 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico

Sea of Cortez Sailing Week

03 April 2009 | LaPaz, Mexico
John Warren
We are now in the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Several weeks ago we were in LaPaz and managed to sign up with 32 other boats to participate in the Sea of Cortez Sailing Week sponsored by Latitude 38 Magazine. The main reason the group sailed out of LaPaz is because of the location. There are several islands very close to LaPaz which make for great sailing destinations...Islas Espiritu Santu, Partida and San Francisco. The schedule for the week long event is to sail from LaPaz to Isla Partida and then further north to Isla San Francisco...turn around and sail back to LaPaz. We raced to an island then anchored for a day or two with fun activities on the boats and beach...then race to another island, anchor and party for another day or two...are you starting to get the picture? Latitude 38 describes the event as a race between the islands with parties at the anchorages, but their definition of a race is very different than you'd think. The huge catamaran owned by Latitude 38 motors out to a designated area, tells all the other boats to line up behind them and then they say "GO"!!! No detailed racing instructions, no PHRF racing divisions to equalize the boats, and sort of a designated finish other's a very loosely run race. The idea is to go sailing and have fun. They say..."Everybody get ready, go have fun sailing and we'll see ya on the beach". Now that's my kind of racing!

We sailed with the group for four days and when they turned around to sail back to LaPaz we kept sailing north saying goodbye to a new group of friends. The sail we had between Isla Partida and Isla San Francisco was one of the best down wind runs we've ever had. Winds were blowing about 15 to 16 knots steady all day directly behind us which made for a great spinnaker run all day long in inky blue waters.

In the past two to three weeks we have put quite a bit of water under our keel. We sailed across the Sea of Cortez from Mazatlan to LaPaz and then started sailing north up the island chain anchoring at the islands and on the Baja peninsula. The water in the sea is very clear this time of the year and getting clearer as we approach the summer months. The air and water temps are considerably cooler as we head north.

We are now in Puerto Escondido, just 14 miles from Loreto...about half way up the Sea of Cortez and only have two weeks remaining in our cruising season. There is no doubt that this has been the most fun year cruising Mexico. We would recommend to anyone to visit this area and enjoy the sea, the fishing and the delightful people. This part of the Baja has incredibly beautiful yet rugged mountain terrain. The scenic mountains are breath taking.
Vessel Name: Warren Peace
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Passport 47 Center Cockpit
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: John and Sharon Warren
About: We discovered sailing early in our marriage and have loved being on the water ever since. We started sailing on San Francisco Bay on a Catalina 27 and then upgraded to a Catalina 36. We then realized that we wanted to eventually go cruising and bought the boat that we have now...a Passport 47.
Sharon and I have cruised up and down the California coast many times and sailed in the 2000 Baja Ha Ha. The four Amigos took Warren Peace down the coast on the 2002 Baja Ha Ha. The boat's home base has been San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico for the past several years. Moving Warren Peace to the [...]

Who: John and Sharon Warren
Port: San Francisco