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26 April 2013
23 April 2013
15 April 2013 | Bucksport Maine
02 April 2013 | Winterport Marine
20 March 2013 | Bucksport Maine
09 March 2013 | Bucksport Maine

Melting Point...

09 March 2013 | Bucksport Maine
Capt'n Jim
Nearing mid March, a fantastic Sunny Day, I drove over to Winterport to make sure she was still there... Mast was still plumb, and the shrinkwrap taught. My older Grandson and I went last week, with a Lobster Boiler, and poured hot water into the bilge sump to get the few inches of ice that had collected out... It was something to do, that wasn't a home improvement project... and gave me some time bonding time with my crew-in-training.... Mid May, I keep telling myself... it will be here quick...
Vessel Name: Via Mente
Vessel Make/Model: Cal 35
Hailing Port: Bucksport Maine
Crew: Jim Marinelli
About: Licensed Captain, 25 ton Master. I've had this boat for 2 years.
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Flotsam and Jetsam

Who: Jim Marinelli
Port: Bucksport Maine