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26 April 2013
23 April 2013
15 April 2013 | Bucksport Maine
02 April 2013 | Winterport Marine
20 March 2013 | Bucksport Maine
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First Day of Spring..

20 March 2013 | Bucksport Maine
About a foot of fresh snow this morning.
The manager of the boatyard called me yesterday to confirm my launch date. 25 May... on the High tide... That gives me a little more than two months of prep time... I always uncover during the first week of April... I have some sewing to do... I put the batteries on the charger about once a month.... I might get two new ones.. and combine them as a bank, and keep my 2 year old set as a bank... I bought a spinnaker on Ebay... It had a small tear, but I patched it... and the rest of the sail seems in great shape... I still have no idea how I am going to rig it...
Vessel Name: Via Mente
Vessel Make/Model: Cal 35
Hailing Port: Bucksport Maine
Crew: Jim Marinelli
About: Licensed Captain, 25 ton Master. I've had this boat for 2 years.
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Flotsam and Jetsam

Who: Jim Marinelli
Port: Bucksport Maine