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Wayward Wind is a 43 Nordhavn

10 April 2021 | Shilshole Marina, Seattle
07 April 2021 | Anacortes
05 April 2021 | Port Angeles
04 April 2021 | Westport Washington
03 April 2021 | Westport Washington
01 April 2021 | Charleston Marina
28 March 2021 | Brookings
12 March 2021 | Brookings Oregon
11 March 2021 | Brookings
14 January 2021
01 December 2015
08 August 2015 | Roscoe Bay
25 July 2015 | Owen Bay, B.C.
24 July 2015 | Benkinsop Bay, off Johnstone Strait
23 July 2015 | Port McNeil
17 July 2015 | Viner Sound, Gilford Island, B.C.
15 July 2015 | O'Brien Bay, Simoom Sound, B.C..
15 July 2015 | O'Brien Bay, Simoom Sound, B.C..
12 July 2015 | Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, B.C.
12 July 2015 | Booker Lagoon, Broughton Island, B.C.

Ready for heat

10 April 2021 | Shilshole Marina, Seattle
Jan Norman | Sunny and cold
Arrived in Shilshole Marina in Seattle after a incredibly busy few days in Anacortes. The boat needs to be in Tacoma Monday morning. An hydronic diesel heating system will be installed. The project takes about two weeks. Every thing on Wayward Wind is now in a storage unit in Anacortes. What a huge job unloading the boat that we have just finished loading!. But having the diesel heat will be well worth the hassle. The trip from Anacortes to Seattle was uneventful but beautiful. The Olympic Mountains were out in all their glory. The sun sparkling on the waters of Puget Sound looks like diamonds. The idyllic canal like town of LaConner is poised for a busy boating season. And Shilshole Marina is a welcoming destination to spend the night before completing the trip to Tacoma.

Neah Bay to Port Angeles to Anacortes

07 April 2021 | Anacortes
Jan Norman | Clear skies and cold
It was nice to spend the night in Neah Bay on anchor. So peaceful and relaxing. The trip to Port Angeles was pleasantly u eventful. Not much happening in Port Angeles so we called it a night pretty early. The forecast to continue on to Anacortes is not great but after 4 days on the ocean we figured the Strait couldn't be too uncomfortable. Heading down Guemes Channel to Anacortes was like coming home. We have spent a lot of time here in the last several years
Anacortes is the gateway to the San Juan Islands and we are looking forward to revisiting some of our favorite places along with some new ones. Our friends Charley and Sara wers waiting for us on the docks to help us tie the lines. It is a good feeling having the ocean part of our journey over. Now on to the next adventure.

A Rough Ride

05 April 2021 | Port Angeles
Jan Norman | Sunny, some wind
Today's trip will be a 18 hour cruise from Westport Washington to Neah Bay Washington. This part of the Washington coast does not provide for adequate places to stop so once you begin the trip you are committed to go the whole distance. In order to get to Neah Bay before dark we had to leave Westport at 2 a.m. The alarm was set for 1:30 -ugh. The bar report was not favorable so we waited an hour for the swell to subside. At 3:00 we decided it was time to go. The first four hours of the trip was in darkness. And once again the crab traps were out to get us. But this time the sea was not calm. So fighting swell and searching for traps in the dark made for an uncomfortable ride. Finally the sun came up and it was Jan's turn at the helm. About noon the crab traps finally were gone. Still a very lumpy ocean. Out of the corner of her eye Jan notices something unusual. It appears to be a mattress, no mermaids floating on it, just a mattress. One never knows what you will see on the water!. Near LaPush, Washington the chart has a point called Giants Graveyard. What could have happened to get a name like that!. After 16 hours of bumping and pitching and being tossed around we were thrilled to see the Cape Flattery Lighthouse. This lighthouse marks the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Finally we are off the open ocean and entering the inland waters that we consider to be a boater's paradise. We have always known that the open ocean is not our favorite place to cruise. But we are glad we made the trip up the coast and feel a real sense of accomplishment. What a relief to be off the ocean. And we never caught a crab trap the entire way. We WON the crab trap dodge!

Westport Washington

04 April 2021 | Westport Washington
Jan Norman | Sunny, lots of wind
Happy Easter!. Today is a day of rest for us. That all night run was exhausting. We did get some naps in but a good night's sleep was really needed. Westport is a popular deepsea fishing location. Lots of commercial vessels are in port. It is a very windy day which is not unusual for this little fishing village. But those who came to town to take a charter fishing trip are certainly disappointed because the bar is restricted due to hazardous seas. A great day for us to roam around town and eat some of the crab that was caught in those blasted traps!

An All Night Run

03 April 2021 | Westport Washington
Jan Norman | Sunny, Calm Seas
Left Charleston before dawn to make it to Newport, Oregon before dark. A river otter three miles out at sea poked his head up to see just what was disturbing him. Seeing it was just another vessel he quickly swam off. Weather and sea conditions are excellent. Low swell no wind and sunny skies. The trip to Neah Bay at the southern tip of Washington requires an overnight cruise. Because the weather report and current conditions are favorable we decide to skip going to Newport and continue on to Westport, Washington. The trip is 37 hours. Oh how romantic one might think - spending a beautiful moonlit night on the open sea. Not so! Jerry fixed running lights on the bowsprit so we can see about 100 feet in front of the boat and a very narrow path on either side. Just enough light to be able to quickly steer around the plethora of crab traps. One must keep a vigilant eye for those little traps day and night because running into one could cause havoc to the propeller and the stabilizers. Much concentration is required. Needless to say it is extremely intense. The pot lines are set perpendicular to shore and some are a mile long. Occasionally two different lines converge at different angles. While cruising around Cape Foulweather (named for obvious reasons) Jan was at the helm. Fighting some confused seas she notices two crab pot lines converging. Trying to maneuver between them she looks up to see a gray whale directly in front of the boat - Yikes!! No time to marvel at the whale's beauty and hoping he continues on his path and out of Wayward Wind, she successfully dodges the two pot lines. So much for a peaceful cruise. But in spite of all this complaining, we really are having fun. But both of us are looking foward to getting off the ocean and on to the inland waters.

The Adventure Begins

01 April 2021 | Charleston Marina
Jan Norman | Sunny, Calm Seas
The day has finally arrived when we can untie the lines and head north to the Pacific Northwest where boating is at its best. The alarm is set for 3:30 a.m. and by 4:00 we have exited the mouth of the Chetco River and are heading north. Dawn arrives just after 6 and about that same time the autopilot starts acting up. After a few hours of manual steering we make a phone call to our boat broker. He directs us to his techie guy who diagnoses the problem rather quickly. A radio and other metal objects have been stowed next to the autopilot compass - woops. Storage compartment emptied and problem solved. Now we can enjoy the beautiful day and calm seas. Average swell is about 4 to 5 feet with wind waves of 1 to 2 1/2 feet.

Whales are out playing (can you see the spout in the photo?) And we played dodge the crab pots most of the day. A fantastic day on the ocean.

We ended the day at Charleston Marina, tying to the guest dock at 1730. A fourteen hour day and a great start to new adventures

Vessel Name: Wayward Wind
Vessel Make/Model: Nordhavn 43
Hailing Port: Brookings OR
Crew: Jerry & Jan Norman
We did some cruising many years ago, mostly in the San Juan Islands. We retired in Dec. of 2007 purchased a 40 foot Nordhavn "Knot Dreamin" and began cruising full time. After 3 years we sold that boat and immediately had boat withdrawals. [...]
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