Yacht Wishing For The Moon

Oyster Lightwave 48

Vessel Name: Whimbrel
Vessel Make/Model: Discovery Bluewater 50 catamaran
Hailing Port: Guernsey
Home Page: www.sailsunsea.com
27 January 2021
02 May 2020 | Isola D'Elba, Italy
06 April 2019
26 January 2019 | Carlisle Bay
07 January 2019 | Jolly Harbour
11 December 2018 | Jolly Harbour
08 December 2018 | Jolly Harbour
07 December 2018 | Anchored Freemans Bay English Harbour
06 December 2018 | Anchored off OJ's Crab Hill Bay
05 December 2018 | Jolly Harbour Antigua
04 December 2018 | 88.8 NM East of Antigua
03 December 2018 | 260 NM East of Antigua
02 December 2018 | 423 NM East of Antigua
01 December 2018 | 580 NM East of Antigua
30 November 2018 | 893 NM East of Antigua
29 November 2018 | 740 NM East of Antigua
28 November 2018 | 1070 NM East of Antigua
27 November 2018 | 1232 NM East of Antigua
26 November 2018 | 1376 NM East of Antigua
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27 January 2021

Summer 2021 plans

Wishing For The Moon is now back in shape with a new engine, new watermaker, and better plumbing. Now in Isola D'Elba Italy.

02 May 2020 | Isola D'Elba, Italy

Wishing For The Moon

Now on shore on the island of Elba for last couple of years, and works going on October 2019 up to March 23 with engine replacement, plumbing, hull works etc, but locked out due to the virus thing here in Italy, and new engine blocked in the UK still.

06 April 2019

The Futur Plan for Whimbrel

We are free for charters around Antigua between 20th April and 5th May, which is the period of Antigua Race Week 27th April to 3rd May.

06 April 2019

Cruising around Antigua

We start out from Jolly Harbour half way up the West coast.

26 January 2019 | Carlisle Bay

Guadaloupe Circuit

After checking out in English Harbour following a nights stay, and watching an Atlantic crossing rowing boat with 5 men on board arrive around midnight, we sail down to Deshais bay.

07 January 2019 | Jolly Harbour

Christmas Cruise

Cathleen aboard 14th Dec, and guests arrive 22nd. We sail south out of Jolly Hr, anchor off a beach for the night, then visit Cades Reef for snorkelling and spend the next night anchored off Carlisle Bay, near English Harbour.

Another Good Day

14 May 2014 | Mid Atlantic
At 0200 this morning our wind petered out so the engine pushed us slowly East-north-east which is nice as we are finally heading for home instead of Bermuda. Then after breakfast of banana fritters courtesy of Karel (Elena's recipe) we removed the mainsail and set about the repair work.

Fortunately I had picked up a sheet of self adhesive sail repair material and anther roll of repair tape before leaving, and as the tear was at least 6 feet long we used it all. Finding a spot on the boat where we could lay out the tear flat was an issue to start with, but the side deck was sufficient. We stuck tape on both sides, then stitched the whole thing up with my Sailrite sewing machine. By 1300 the mainsail was up again and in good shape in the light north-north-easterly breeze which is now driving us close hauled towards the East.

Apart from the odd passing shower the weather remains fine and the sea generally calm, with a low swell out of the East making us pitch gently.

All in order again and making good progress. Both umbrellas up in the cockpit and we are all very relaxed. Karel cooking chicken curry for tonight, and we need to eat all the fresh veg before we have to throw it over the side!

Milo fishing hopefully, but as yet only two false alarms catching clumps of Sargasso weed which is scattered on the ocean.

Sue may be interested to know we were visited by a pair of white birds with long tails and orange beaks which circled us a few times.
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