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Katherine Ann Westabout

09 April 2016 | Stanley
23 March 2016 | 100 miles West of Cape Horn
23 March 2016 | Diego Ramirez
23 March 2016 | 45 Miles NE Diego Ramirez
20 March 2016 | 50 miles East of Cape Horn
13 March 2016 | 100 miles North of West Falklands
12 March 2016 | 550 miles NNE Cape Horn
10 March 2016 | 700 miles NNE Cape Horn
09 March 2016 | Same Old Sunny
09 March 2016 | The Chilly South Atlantic
09 March 2016 | 300 miles off the Argentina Coast
08 March 2016 | About 800 miles NNE Cape Horn
05 March 2016 | 1000 miles NNE Cape Horn
29 February 2016 | 400 miles East of Montivideo
16 February 2016 | 110 miles East of Bahia, Brazil
08 February 2016 | Just Passed St Peter and St Paul Rocks
29 January 2016 | 140 miles WNW of Cape Verde, Cape Verde Islands
26 January 2016 | Crossed Cancer
26 January 2016 | Crossing Cancer
20 January 2016 | 280 miles South of Horta
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09 April 2016 | Stanley


Well quite a lot has happened since my last post and you will have to bear with me over any discrepancies which may arise as this is written from memory over some tumultuous times.

23 March 2016 | 100 miles West of Cape Horn

Photo Cape Horn Lighthouse

Here is a photo of Cape Horn Lighthouse. I don't think it is very clear as there is a limit to the number of pixels that IridiumGo will handle, there was a lot of spray and it was blowing 35 knots with big swells. But at least it shows I have been there; although PhotoShop could produce a much more convincing image I'm sure. Hunkered down for what I expect to be a day or two of strong Northwesterly winds which is basically the direction I want to go. If the triple reefed main becomes uncomfortable I might even try the Jordan Series Drogue though I believe retrieving it can be a real pain. --------------010504020902000606010900--

23 March 2016 | Diego Ramirez

Cape Horn cont

In the early morning the breeze backed and had me again heading directly for Diego Ramirez and caught me napping in strengthening winds which required dousing the jib as anything over 30 knots the yacht is not easily controlled. Better conditions, jib up, sailing well now the wind is increasing and [...]

A Sight for Azore Eyes

17 January 2016 | 16 miles SSW of Horta
Well Alex came and went as quick as that so in the morning set a little sail and then more and have had a fast comfortable reach over the last two days cruising at six to seven knots. In fact last night, Saturday, it looked like I would arrive at the narrow passage between Faial and Pico to the East before dawn. Tossed up whether to shorten sail but the wind, just as predicted, eased off so dawn found us some 25 miles SSW of Horta but all land obscured by low cloud. A scan on the AIS showed a few Spanish and Azorean fishing vessels well clear so back to the bunk for a couple of hours. After forty days and forty nights alone and out of sight of land and with nothing more voluptuous to look at than the Queen of Hearts on my Solitaire System the volcanic peak of Pico was indeed a sight for sore eyes. Rising up out of the sea with lower parts clothed in a diaphanous veil of cloud, the full rounded shape of this magnificent volcanoes made its presence felt. The experience overwhelmed me and I find myself at a loss for words so I took aa picture. Look at tit for yourself and you will see how I feel.

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