Mike and Hugh almost circumnavigating the world.

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Day 14

09 December 2011
Well Phillip's Mahi Mahi BBQ last night tasted beautiful and we also enjoyed a beer to celebrate the 2000 NM mark :) We even had enough fish for lunch today as well.

This morning was a beautiful clear sky and we were all starting to feeling good about being in Saint Lucia soon, the water is now 18.2 degrees and the air 30 degrees. Funnily we again spotted Fry Flyt as they passed within a mile of our stern. This afternoon though was very humid and sticky and the windy slowly dying shame the forecast is now for light winds tomorrow, there goes our Wednesday arrival. We needed to average over 7kts and as I write this (it's 7am Monday - end of my watch) we're down to 5.5kts :(

One of our lifetags has died (electronic bracelet we wear that alarms if we go over a certain distance from the boat i.e. fall overboard), took quite some time to workout what the cause was but cleverly Mike was able to isolate one - the man overboard alarm went off at least 7 or 8 times and it's VERY loud.

After dinner the sky went very grey and it looked quite foreboding as if we were going to have a big storm, we did get some rain but the wind didn't really do much other than to back to a southerly so that on our heading we were actually sailing to windward for a few hours, after 13 days of dead downwind it felt very strange indeed, like we were sailing the wrong way.
Vessel Name: Whippersnapper
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 46
Hailing Port: Sydney
Crew: Michael Connolly & Hugh Murray-Walker
About: Skipper Hugh and First Mate Mike
Extra: In port you may contact us on our respective email addresses, alternatively while at sea our sat-phone has an email address which is the name of our yacht followed by @mailasail.com
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