Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.


At some point in the last two years Jeff and I realized that we are full time cruisers. Our original plan had been to sail Whiskey Jack from Australia to South East Asia and see if we wanted to continue. In Thailand we were keen to keep cruising and so we...

100 Days of Lockdown in the Maldives Part 3 of 3

Team Uligan

Cruisers in general are very independent. We alone are responsible for the safety of our yacht and crew. We usually carry 3-6 months of dry provisions. We generate our own power, make our own water and are very familiar with living...

100 Days of Lockdown in the Maldives Part 2 of 3

We settled into a routine for the three months we spent anchored in Northern Maldives during lockdown.

A normal day was a few hours of homeschool followed by an afternoon of playing on the reef with friends. We caught lobster from the deep...

100 Days of Lockdown in the Maldives Part 1 of 3

I have fond memories of our time in the Maldives. We were shoved into lockdown with 13 other boats and although we never stepped foot on land nor interacted with any local Maldivians or cruised the beautiful islands, we shared a rich experience and made...

Safaris & Surf in Sri Lanka

We arrived in Galle Sri Lanka on March 4th 2000. Galle is a city on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. It’s known for Galle Fort, the fortified old city founded by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century. Beautiful stone sea walls surround ancient walking...

Lightening Strike

Rockstar has been on vacation at Paradise Village Marina for the last year, soaking up the sun and the Mexican culture.
We were quite jealous until we discovered she had been hit by lightening, probably during one of the crazy summer storms.