Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.


Photo: Carden and Jeff get nostalgic and build a "Snowman"

Thursday. Today was a busy day, I just got back to the boat and it's 4.30pm.
This morning we took a pantry (read: bilge) inventory. We have been eating in town quite a bit (Monday we had dinner at a local house on the canal that twighlights as a Chinese Buffet)
We have no food on the boat. We have completely gone though all of our leftover cans and special stuff from Vancouver, San Diego, PV and Zhut and were pretty much living on our French Baker Deliveries. But, we plan on heading out and up to Tenacatita on Saturday, weather permitting so Meg and I took a bus into Melaque this morning to provision.
Last time we were there, Cheri's mum Candace showed us the local gringo store that brings in some special stuff form the bigger towns and the US. So we started there. We spend about 30 minutes ohhing and ahhing over sesame oil, panko, light soy sauce, campbells soup, real vlasic pickles and tamarind paste (which is hard enough to find in Vancouver). As we were digging through the box of rice wrappers and panko crumbs we ran into Candace which was nice!
Next, we were led down a nearby alley to the butcher. And, after my previous experiences of confusion and frustration I had prepared two drawings, one of a cow and one of a pig, both sectioned off with sketches of how the cut of meat looks. (Traces courtesy of Meg's Jamie Oliver Cookbook). I was well impressed with myself and what I was buying until the lady behind the counter looked up and asked the man behind me "do you want the other pork tenderloin?" in perfect English. Ahh Well.
We cabbed it back to Barra and after vacuum sealing all the meat into the freezer I headed back in for a date with my Fruteria lady who has her produce in the back of her pickup and is on the street each day around 4pm. She and her son are really helpful and soon I was loaded up with tons of fruit and veg (we eat so much more fruit down here). Just as I was wadding away with my full bags I passed her truck cab and saw a pie! So, tonight we are having homemade apple pie for dessert. YUM! (they were for sale, I didn't steal her dinner)