Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.

No see ya San blas

Before we left San Blas Meg and I cooked up a sushi roll extravaganza with the Bonita we caught on the way in. We went a bit overboard and had so many leftovers we had to walk down the dock to give it away. It wasn't hard, there was a couple of sailors who had just arrived after 2 months at sea (sort of) on a 27 foot boat that had lost a rudder and they were more than happy to see Meg and I walking toward them with 2 plates of sushi!

We left San Blas on Wednesday and I have to say I have never been in more of a rush to get out of somewhere. There are so many "no see um's" in San Blas, day and night. Bug spray doesnt seem to repel them and Carden and I were covered in hundreds of itchy bites. Wednesday morning I had the hose coiled and the ac cord stored, engine on and all the dock lines ready to go before Jeff had a chance to get dressed. I was pretty desperate, we were being swarmed getting the boat ready to go and there was no way I was going to sit and BE breakfast! These bites are insane, they are massive welts that itch like mad for 5-6 days. Carden and I have covered ourselves in every home remedy possible; toothpaste, vinegar, zinc, cortizone, lidocane ....the list is endless.

The only funny thing is that now we are in Mazatlan we dont need to ask other boats if they are heading North or South, you just look at their arms and legs and you can tell if they have headed North from San Blas by all the no see um scabs.