Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.


We were invited to the Rodeo with Secundino, the harbourmaster, and his family. We were joined by Tyler, Tommy, Christina and Erika who are staying on the Northern Romance, the boat opposite us in the marina. Coincidentally Tyler went to school with my brother and Tommy grew up in Whistler too. Tyler and Erika are also good friends with Lindsay, one of my fantastic dog walkers who works with me in Vancouver.
All 12 of us squished into Secundinos Expedition for the drive to Zijuatlan.

The locals down here take their rodeo very seriously. The entire stadium was packed and everyone was wearing jeans, cowboy boots and hats. The girls were dressed to the nines (stiletto knee high boots and little checkered shirts tied up) and it seems like more of a social event than a sporting event as I watched the couples working the crowds. It's much like a hockey game back home except the seats are concrete (ouch) and the food is cheaper. They serve cold hot dogs and fries, chips with hot sauce, beer and big slices of pork fat smothered in hot picante sauce. YUM!

The more beer was passed around the happier the audience got and at about 10pm, in between the bull riders, the band come on. Hilariously, half the stadium stood up and started dancing. The couples did what looked like a slow dance, but at top speed to the beat of the band and the singles just shook what they had or grabbed partners. It was pretty funny to watch because the dancing couples had to try not to fall off the concrete step they were sitting/ dancing on as people walked by to get to the stairs. The later it got the more the audience danced. As usual, Morley got mauled. Everytime I left my seat (read: concrete step (ouch)) to take her for a walk she was beiong grabbed and carried and danced with. Luckily she is a happy baby so she had no problem being passed around the stadium but it was impossible to get her to sleep so she stayed up and burned the midnight oil with us. We left at 1am and grabbed some tacos at a roadside stand before heading home.