Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.


Saturday morning Jeff and Tyler and Tommy went out on a panga with Rojelio (the fishing guide from the giant fishing mega yacht at the end of the dock). We have been craving sushi so the hope was that they would catch some yellowfin tuna. Late morning Carden and Mo and I headedup to the pool for some lunch and a swim. When I saw the panga come back in we went down to the dock to meet them. The boys were all pumped up, in the boat was the biggest fish I have ever seen in my life (even at the Vancouver Aquarium).

They caught a 256 kilo Blue Marlin (about 560lbs). It's the biggest one of the season and probably the biggest that this area has seen in a long time. Everyone came down to the dock (which was good because they needed 10 guys to lift it out of the boat!) Im not sure how on earth the 4 of them reeled it in or got it into the panga (Ill let Jeff tell that story)

The beers came out and the Marlin was taken up to the hanging area with the scales. There were so many people taking pictures and posing and everyone was celebrating and in a great mood. Tommy organized that the marlin would be shared with the locals so lots of the girls who work at the hotel came down after their shift to take big bags of fish home. There was so much meat and at the end they were scraping the carcass with a spoon to get the last of it.

The boys also caught a 26lb tuna so that night Tommy, Tyler, Erika and Christina came over and we gorged on marinated sashimi, tuna sushi, spicy tuna rolls etc. YUM!