Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.

Secundino's BBQ

After the "Great Marlin Celebration" we were invited to Secundino's sunday family barbeque. His house is deep in the local area of town and is very beautiful with a great back yard. We got there and Leti, his wife, had made up barbequed beef strips, marlin ceviche, bean quesadillas and more yummy mexican food.

The whole family shows up for this every sunday and it was so nice to relax and participate and watch the kids play. I love the fact that the beef they buy comes straight from the local ranch. I asked Dino about this (the next day when I saw cows, that actually looked like real cows, grazing in a field) and he explained that in Mexico it's cheaper to get the cows to graze the pastures and move them around than it is to feed them corn in feedlots so all the beef is local and grass fed. Both he and Leti were raised on ranch farms and moved and milked cows as children.

The other thing I love is their briquette bbq, which is a car wheel rim on 3 rebar legs, with a grill and which Dino swears "lasts forever!"

It was such a great treat to sit and chat with his family and of course they love Morley so every time I wheeled her to the side for a nap she got wheeled out again and picked up which she loved!

There are some great photos of the bbq in the album update.