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Happy Birthday Carden!

Okay, we are not sure what is happening here. It's true that down here you lose track of the days but this is crazy!

This morning we woke Carden up with Birthday cake for breakfast and lots of presents. We had a nice slow morning making breakfast and opening Carden's toys. I sat down to update the blog now that we have internet access and my Mac calendar says it is the 10th of May. Carden's Birthday is the 9th of May.
On Saturday Christina was sending her mum a Mothers day email and we commented she was early because Mothers Day is Sunday the 8th (she thought Saturday was the 8th), FYI in Mexico Mothers Day is EVERY day of May! On Monday, Erika and Tyler came by to say goodbye on their way back to PV. Erika's Birthday is the 9th of May too and she was celebrating it the next day (which would be Tuesday - also the day they were to fly out)
Jeff's watch says it's the 9th of May. We have no idea what day it is! Literally! We are so confused.
A quick check with Google confirms that it is Tuesday May 10th. So, we just celebrated Carden's Birthday a day late (thank goodness he can't read the calendar yet!) and we are hoping Erika and Tyler didn't miss their flight home!