Canadian family circumnavigating full time aboard a 2001 Leopard 45.

Fun in PV

Ive had a fun couple of days hanging out with Sabrina and Carden has had a great time playing with Ben and Maya. We went for an early dinner at a great little restaurant that has a play area in the courtyard; something so simple to keep the kids occupied and yet Iv'e never seen anything like it in Vancouver. By dark there were 30 children of all ages running on the grass, playing on the swings and dancing to the band. The parents sat at tables at the edge enjoying amazing food.
After Blaine and I checked out of the Mayan Palace Sabrina was kind enough to let us stay at her house while she was in Vancouver. Thank you S' so much for lending me your nanny, house, car and best friend for the week! Amazing!
We met up with Jeff and the boys who had arrived form Barra with lots of fun stories. We drove up to Bucerais and met all our friends who came down for Devon and Kris's wedding at Casa del Rayna and then stopped at a yummy late night taco stand on the way home.
The next day we had a long lazy patio lunch at a great Italian restaurant before the boys caught their flight home (Tim's idea) Thank's Tim! - Ive decided to start having way more long lazy patio lunches at great italian restaurants in the future!