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Fort Myers Beach

26 February 2017
We arrived here today. They said the moorings were full so we are now docked at Salty Sams for the night. We saw a few empty moorings so hope to move to one tomorrow morning.
We left Thursday morning, went through St Lucie Lock, then stopped on the east side of Port Mayaca Lock. We had no problem getting under the 49 ft RR bridge. In the morning it was a bit foggy. We heard a boat go by us and saw the lock was open right through to the lake so we called and went through. It was rough out on the lake, not as calm as they called for. It is about a 25 mile trip from Mayaca to Clewiston, the first 15 out in the lake. It did calm down and the last half wasn't bad. Along the rim route lots of wild life including alligators. At least 25 the 10 miles we went. Stopped just before Moore Haven Lock.
On Saturday we were woken up around 6:00 to 33 sport fishing boats heading out for a competition. We went through the lock at 7. We had to wait at the swing bridge while they got a part and fixed it. We made it to Franklin Lock and stayed the night by a campground. Today we made it to Fort Myers and then everyone who owned a boat here was out in the water. It was crazy the amount of boats out. All sizes going both ways. The last 15 miles until we turned into Matanzas Pass was lines of boats and only a few slowed down. Glad to be out of that mess. Will never travel that area again on a weekend or holiday. People were calling other people idiots on the VHF and I think we passed a topless girl on a boat on the beach. We need a rest, hopefully on mooring tomorrow and a couple of weeks relaxing. I need supper and a drink.
Vessel Name: Whiski Mak
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 29.5
Hailing Port: Saint John, NB Canada
Crew: David and Janet Moore
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Who: David and Janet Moore
Port: Saint John, NB Canada