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Our trip across

21 March 2017
We left Fort Myers Beach on Monday 13th. Since the time has changed we don't get away until after 7. Once we are out of the channel the current is against us. We follow the Gulf ICW to the Okeechobee waterway and watch as fog comes in behind us. We do stay ahead of it and turn east towards Fort Myers. There is some traffic on the water but not as much as our trip here. We make it to Franklin Lock some current against us the whole way. We go through the lock and stay at a slip in the park beside the lock. $30 for the night with water and power. The next morning we leave early and head towards the lake. We make it to Moore Haven and stay just before the lock. The wind is picking up from the west and will be too windy to cross the lake tomorrow. The next day we go through the lock and travel only 14 miles to Clewiston and tie up to the dolphins just before you enter the lake. We end up staying here 2 nights because of the wind. It has been cold the last few days and nights, there is actually and wind chill announcement on the VHF weather. On Friday we decide to try crossing. It is a 25 mile trip across. The first 8 miles aren't too bad, the middle 7 are rough and think about turning back, but with a bit of change in course we are not hitting on the bow. The last 10 miles are better especially the last 5. We arrive at Port Mayaca Lock which is open and motor right through. Now we are well protected and a nice trip to St. Lucie Lock. It is after 5 and we tie up to wait and go through in the morning. With the cold and rough trip across now feeling sore and achy across my back. Saturday we are up and call to go through lock shortly after 7. We are just untied when a barge calls to go through the lock too. We wait until they go in then come in on the north side of lock. This is a 13 foot drop. We leave first and stay ahead of the barge until after going trough the Roosevelt bridge in Stuart. Traffic is not too bad for a Saturday on the St Lucie River and at the Crossroads where you turn up the ICW. We call Vero Beach around 4:30 to see about a mooring. They close at 5 and will won't get there before they close. A few empty moorings so they say to just pick up one. So glad to arrive and plan to stay a week. Figure it will take a few days for my back to recover. It is better each day I am here.
Vessel Name: Whiski Mak
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 29.5
Hailing Port: Saint John, NB Canada
Crew: David and Janet Moore
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Who: David and Janet Moore
Port: Saint John, NB Canada