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On shore and packing

14 April 2017
We are now in Green Cove Springs and unpacking the boat and packing the car.
We left Palm Cove on Friday and had a nice trip along the ICW then lots of wind when we entered the river. A bit rough in the open. Further up it was ok, above Jacksonville is very open so decided to stop at Metropolitan Park. Quite a few boats here. A nice quiet night. The lift bridge here is still being worked on so you can go through early in the morning (still too dark), noon or 4. We come through Saturday at noon. A wait at the RR bridge then on our way. We arrive at Green Cove around 5:30 and pick up mooring. Sunday the marina is closed so we don't get the car until Monday. We spend the morning in St Augustine, then Jacksonville. Back at the marina we get a couple of things ready to come out tomorrow.
A wait today. We come over to the wharf at 10:30 but a few problems with the lift and we are finally out and in the work yard at 3.
The last few days have been packing and unpacking car and boat. We hope to leave here on Sunday for our drive home.
Vessel Name: Whiski Mak
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 29.5
Hailing Port: Saint John, NB Canada
Crew: David and Janet Moore
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Who: David and Janet Moore
Port: Saint John, NB Canada