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Results on the hand

16 March 2018
The hand is in a cast for 4 weeks. It looks like a piece is broken. He is back in 2 weeks for a check up and another 2 weeks in a cast. Looks like all will be okay.

Home in the snow.

15 March 2018
We left Florida last Thursday and arrived home on Sunday. On Monday we took our daughter to an appointment at the hospital, she had fallen and was in a cast and had to use crutches. She has a chipped bone in her ankle and is in a boot. While we were waiting David went in to check on his hand and he is now in a cast. He broke a bone in his hand just at the wrist and thumb. He has an appointment tomorrow with a plastic surgeon to see if he will need surgery or just the cast. Maybe will need physiotherapy. Should know more tomorrow.
We came back to a storm but at least got some groceries before it hit. We are back more than a month earlier than normal and it is cold, but the timing worked out with both injuries. Good thing the boat was not in the water and we had to travel up the ICW before heading north. My tough guy sucked it up and helped pack up the boat and get us home. The cast makes it a bit easier. Good to be home.

Most of our work is done.

03 March 2018
We spent 3 days with the boat torn apart inside and in the cockpit getting the transducer from bow to the helm. On Friday the 16th we leave and head south towards Daytona. We head in off 95 to A1A and follow the coast back up. We can see some of the ocean and some of the ICW that we follow when travelling on the boat. Some beautiful scenery Saturday we finish with the transducer, it is finally all clipped in and the boat is straightened back up. Over the next few days we finish the drain in the keel, and get some teak work done inside.
Tuesday we go to St Augustine and get valves for the dingy, teak cleaner at West Marine and do some shopping. Back at the boat I start cleaning the teak seats outside. Wednesday we pick up Browns and go out for breakfast. The next day we go into town for a few things, stop to see Browns who are leaving tomorrow, then come back and finish putting on teak oil. The rest of the time has been spent doing small projects on the boat or just sitting out watching work going on in the yard.
It is Wednesday the 28th and last night David fell going over to the washroom around 2. He has road rash on both sides of his face, a gash over one eye, a sore wrist, scratches on both knees, plus a bruised finger and toe. He looks pretty bad. Today Saturday he is much better to look at and it really his wrist that is sore. Good thing most of our work is finished.
We are planning to leave here next Saturday.

Mostly good weather

14 February 2018
Cleaning cockpit cushions, David is drilling a bigger hole for the solar panel cable. Doug and Pat stop by for a visit. They arrived back at their boat after being away for a while visiting friends. We finished the awning for the bow and have it up. We also ordered a replacement port window. A couple of days later we picked it up at the post office. It is now replaced, just the inside part not the whole kit.
We drug the anchor chain along a gravel road and cleaned all the rust off it. We also cleaned the teak coming down the companion way and put some teak oil on.
We have been hearing a rooster crowing in the mornings and saw a few running around loose near us.
Tuesday came in rainy and cooler, we had to get the heater back out. Today we stopped for a visit with Pat and Doug. When we came back David has been getting the transducer in for the new GPS we got last year. He also did some work yesterday down under the v-berth. He has been working hard in cramped areas the last couple of days. I suppose I should take him out later for Valentines Day.
You all appreciate your better half today.

On the boat

05 February 2018
We arrived at the boatyard on Friday around 2, but the boat was not yet out. We only had to wait a short time and were getting on the boat by 3. We had it cleaned enough to sleep aboard and sit on one side in the cabin.
The next day lots of cleaning. The port deck was cleaned and the solar panel went out. We cleaned all around the cockpit and got the dodger, bimini, center, and side panels up. Weather says rain all day Sunday so we will stay dry and more space cleaned and organized inside. Our rainy day we went out shopping, nice in the morning so dry loading supplies. Today we got the rest of the deck finished, looks nice and we put the mainsail out on the deck. Lots more room inside. Still have the head to clean, but we use the washrooms here.
We had a great visit last week in Largo, some shopping and site seeing. We have great friends to put up with us for 4 days.

In Florida

31 January 2018
We left home on Friday and had a good trip down. We arrived in Largo around 1 on Monday. We will be here visiting until Friday then we will head to Green Cove and the boat.
Vessel Name: Whiski Mak
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 29.5
Hailing Port: Saint John, NB Canada
Crew: David and Janet Moore
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Who: David and Janet Moore
Port: Saint John, NB Canada