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South Coast Sojourn or Waiting for the Roaring Forties to miaow.

02 March 2008 | Port Davey
In Dover we met an English couple who invited us over to their lovely German made boat called "Firemoose" for a pleasant evening of G&T and spag bog. Peter and Katie have a different way of cruising. They sail for 4 months a year moving slowly around the world leaving there boat after the 4 months and travelling back to England to work the rest of the year.

We left Dover for a short sail down to Southport where we could anchor in safety to await the passing of the gales that had been forecast. Southport has lovely white beaches and crystal clear waters (unlike its namesake in England which are both dirty brown, or were the last time I visited about 30 yrs ago). However unlike the English Southport there is nothing here except a shop which took us 2 hrs to find and it was not a shop where you could provision for a couple of weeks of travel. We anchored in a bay called The Deep Hole. There was only one other boat there, a small trailer sailer with a couple on board from Upwey (near where we used to live in Melbourne). Kept ourselves amused by going on walks ashore including a 15km round trip to Ida Bay just to buy a hamburger. Ida Bay is at the end of a scenic tourist railway and caf´┐Ż made the best hamburgers. After a few days here sitting out the weather we were beginning to eat into the fresh provisions we would need around the South West so we went back to Dover, which is the most southerly place where we could provision.

The 3 day weather forecast was improving and suggested an opportunity would present itself for us to sail along the south coast and into Port Davey. We left Southport and travelled the 10 miles to Cockle Creek in Recherche Bay - the last refuge before the roaring forties of the Southern Ocean. We left 7am on Sunday 2 March for the 70 mile 12 hr passage which turned out to be one of the best times we have had on a boat. The sky was clear the sea was calm except for a 2 metre swell and the wild life was prolific. We saw scores of dolphins, seals, diving Gannets and Terns, Albatross etc etc. Still didn't catch any fish though. The south and south west of Tasmania are spectacular, much better than I imagined with tall cliffs and islands all along the coast. Port Davey was probably the most scenic place I have seen in my 20 yrs living in Australia and to think I nearly decided not to come. We arrived on a particularly pleasant day in the evening light and the views were stunning. Today however the next front is coming through and we are hiding in a small bay and sheltering from the rain. What a difference a day makes.

I am sending this to the blog via my on board radio which handles text only. I will post photos when I next have internet access.

Take care all

Dave and Jean WdtW

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Vessel Name: Whistle Down the Wind
Vessel Make/Model: Adams 40
Hailing Port: Melbourne