Why Knot Now?

It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell

07 November 2019
06 November 2019
06 November 2019
05 November 2019
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04 November 2019
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One Helluva Day

07 November 2019
Thursday, Nov 7,2019

We left our anchorage at 5:55. It’s DARK!!

Thank God for our chart plotter! Many unlit markers ahead of us. We go very slowly, and I try to illuminate the markers with our spotlight. This is one of those nerve-wracking jobs! Robert does a great job of maneuvering, and finally the sun comes up!! Can’t help but think of that Rascal Flatts song Praying for Daylight!!

There’s very little wind, so we motor along.

As we come under the Sisters Creek Bridge, there are 2 navy warships under maintenance. Security boats have a 200 yard security zone set up. The channel is 300 yards! We hug the red markers as instructed, and pass with no problems.

Just after this, a huge ship (659 ft long) is entering the channel from offshore; AND the channel has been moved since we last transited these waters. However, the new channel is well marked.

WHEW!! All that will make ya pucker!! Robert, as always, is cool as a cucumber.

We’re fighting a 2 knot head current, and only making 4.5 knots. The current finally let’s go of us, and we’re back to 6 knots.

It’s really warm today, and NO wind.

Lunch is leftovers.

We are almost to St. Augustine, and the Port engine starts vibrating like hell.
We shut it off and motor along on one engine. UGH!!! Things were going so well!

Now we’re down to 3.5 knots. We miss the 3:00 opening of Bridge of Lions by 10 minutes, but now Robert has to maintain position on one engine. AND, he’s conducting a work meeting. AND, only one span of the bridge is functioning.

We make it thru the at the 3.30 opening without incident, and we catch some current to push us along. WooHoo!!! We’re making 6 knots!!!

We get to the Matanzas inlet, and they are dredging!! Holy smokes!! What the hell else today!!!! They need to dredge; we have 0.9 ft under the keel.

The sun sets, and we still have 8 miles to go to make it to Marineland Marina.
We pick our way through, me again with this freakin spotlight, and make it in the marina entrance.

Robert “parks” SeaQuell between 2 big-ass yachts— our 40 ft boat in a 45 ft spot. I struggle with the tall piling to get our lines on, but finally manage it as the jerk on one of the yachts stands and watches; never offering to catch a line.

We are safe; we are tired; and we are hot and stinky!!

I make cocktails, Robert orders pizza delivery, and we catch an episode of Jeopardy on TV while waiting for our pizza.

A shower is going to feel like heaven! Right after I finish this drink!!!!

As I’ ve said many times, this life is not for wussies. We both may be a little
insane to keep doing this.

However, they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I feel like WonderWoman!!!!

Nice Offshore Run

06 November 2019
Wednesday, November 6,2019

We leave our peaceful anchorage at 6:00 am. It’s a little foggy, but the sky is filled with stars.

We ease our way down the ICW, heading to the Ossabaw Sound. We got into some super skinny water- 1/2 ft. below the keel. UGH!! Capt. Robert picked our way through, and we are back in business.

We raise both sails, and off we go!

One of the markers is in a new position, and we never saw the preferred channel marker. There’s a big fog bank dead ahead of us. A little tricky getting out the inlet, but we are offshore at 7:15 am.

Seas are about 2-3 feet; winds NE at about 10 knots. NICE!! Time for coffee!! Ahhhhh!

The morning is uneventful( just the way I like it). Robert conducts business meetings ( love our WeBoost), and I read and listen to Podcasts.

Lunch is sausage and pepper “dogs”. After lunch, Robert spots a big turtle off our starboard side. Of course, I missed it!!

The afternoon goes by quickly, and we head into the St. Mary’s inlet at 5:15 pm.
Fernandina Beach area is still not back to normal since Hurricane Irma in 2017. Numerous boats sunken, marina still closed, and buildings without rooftops are seen.

We drop the hook at 6:15 pm. Time for a cocktail!!!!

Dinner is Dijon pork chops, corn, and peas. After dinner, we’ll look at weather and make decision about tomorrow’s plan.

Stuck inside

06 November 2019
Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019

Today has been another long day.
Due to the weather guessers, we’re stuck inside on the ICW in Georgia. UGH!!!
Thankfully, boat traffic is very light, the weather is nice, and Robert had been able to conduct numerous work meetings.
Lunch is tuna fish sandwiches and soup.
We stopped at Thunderbolt marina for fuel and ice, and headed down the curvy “road” south.
We meander along until 6:00, and drop the hook.
Dinner is sausage and peppers and cocktails!
We listen to the offshore forecast for tomorrow; sounds doable until late afternoon. We plan to hop outside early am and give it a whirl.

Offshore run!!!

05 November 2019
We leave the dock at 5:45 am; just before sunrise.
We make great time going down river-/ the current is pushing us today!!
We raise both the main and the jib, and are headed out to sea by 7:30!
Seas are about 2-3 feet, and a little “confused”. Wind about 15 knots behind us. We set the sails in a “ wing on wing” pattern. Our speed is between 6-7 knots.
As the morning goes on the seas build to about 4-5 feet, but much less confused. We continue to make good speed, averaging 7.5 knots.
We see dolphins jumping from one wave to another, twirling in the air, and providing quite a show.
Lunch is a simple salad for Robert and yogurt for me. Staying in the galley makes me kinda dizzy and nauseous, so offshore meals have to be quick.
After lunch, we take turns napping in the cockpit. I read for a bit, Robert works while we have cell signal.
Not much to see out here this afternoon; 5 helicopters flew over once, and a few seagulls fly by. Oh, wait!! Here comes a beautiful rainbow!!
After sunset, the seas become calm, and the wind decreases to less than 10 knots.
Dinner is roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and peas.
Despite clouds, a pretty half moon glistens off our port side. We settle in for a long night.
Robert takes the 10:00pm to 2:00 am watch, and I actually go down to sleep in our bed. I usually sleep in the cockpit, but our bed is calling to me.
I sleep fairly well until 11:30 pm when the wake from hell awakens me. I know it’s about time to be in Charleston, and a big ship must be crossing nearby. Robert confirms my assumption, and it’s back to la-la land for me. Since the conditions are stable, we decide to push on to Port Royal. The alarm sounds at 2:00, and I’m ready to take my watch.
Robert too goes to bed; yes, actually to bed!
My watch is uneventful until 5:30 am . I’d been watching lightning off in the distance, but it seems to be getting a little closer, and it’s starting to rain.
Reluctantly, I rouse Robert to get his opinion. The radar shows a cell of yellow and red just south of us, He reassured me all is ok, and per my request, remains in the cockpit to doze.
Finally, the sun comes up !
The storm moved well south of us, thank goodness.
Time to start the coffee!!!
We arrive at the Port Royal Inlet around 8:30 am. It takes 2 hours to make it back inside!
We are not looking forward to being “inside” on the ICW, but small craft warnings are predicted for offshore later today. Guess we’ll just slog on down with the masses!
Hopefully, we’ll get another offshore run soon. Georgia, here we come!!


Day 2—-A LONG day!!

04 November 2019
Sunday, Nov 3, 2019We left our anchorage at 5:45 am. The sun isn’t up yet, but there’s enough light to ease our way out.
It’s chilly again this morning, and winds are light. I think the weather guessers miss d the forecast once again. There’s a small craft advisory until 11:00 am, so we decide to stay in the ICW again today.
We raise the jib, and motorsail along!
Lots of fishing boats zoom past us!
The southward migration has definitely begun!
We miss the Onslow Swing Bridge by minutes. We are only 1/2 mile away, but military traffic takes precedence, so we wait another 35 minutes. UGH!
Lunch of sandwiches while we wait.
The afternoon goes by with more of the same— many dolphins around us!
We listen to the updated marine weather, and decide to make an offshore hop tonight.
I ready the ditch bag, offshore life jackets, jack lines, and put more air in the dinghy. Bag of snacks, and nausea medication prepared.
We get delayed another 25 minutes at the figure 8 bridge— damn it! Gotta love the ICW!
The current is working against us, and we slow down to 4 knots, and we’re still hours away from the Cape Fear inlet. SHIT!
The sun sets, we’re still fighting this head current, so we decide to try to make it to Carolina Beach , and stop for the night.
We pick our way through numerous day markers, both of us intent and focused.
We make it to Carolina Beach State Park Marina at 8:30 pm, Robert at the helm, and me out on the bow with the spotlight, highlighting markers.
We skinny in with 0.8” under the keel, and tie up to the dock. WHEW! The last few hours were intense!!!
Time for a stiff drink, and dinner of chili with the leftover Mac-n/cheese.
We re-group, and make a new plan to leave before sunrise tomorrow, head down the Cape Fear River, and jump offshore then.

Anddd We’re Off!!

04 November 2019
Becky Nordstrom
Saturday, November 3, 2019Departed Bath at 6:30 am. It’s a very brisk 48 degrees. It’s DARK!!
Winds are light, and we basically just drift off the dock.
We motor out of Bath Creek, and into the Pamlico River in minutes.
Jib up, and off we go!!
The sunrise is pretty, and we motorsail at about 6 knots.
The wind picks up just after we pass Indian Island, and it gets a little choppy, but tolerable.
There are numerous boats as we approach the 150 marker, and we fall in line.
We enjoy an uneventful motor sail all the way to Morehead City, drop the anchor at 5:30. WooHoo!!! Before dark!!!
Cocktails in the cockpit watching the big fishing boats return.
Dinner of leftovers, and Mac-n-cheese!
Gonna be an early night!!
Gotta fall back an hour, so departure tomorrow at ACOD
Vessel Name: SeaQuell
Vessel Make/Model: Manta 40
Hailing Port: Bath, NC
Crew: Captain Robert, Admiral Becky & Maggie the Wonder Dog!
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/whyknotnow
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