Why Knot Now?

It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell

07 April 2018 | Bath, NC
04 November 2017
04 November 2017
09 October 2017 | Bath,NC
07 October 2017 | Belhaven,NC
06 October 2017 | Columbia,NC
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05 October 2017 | Edenton,NC
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04 October 2017 | Elizabeth City, NC
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16 April 2017 | Bath, NC
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What A Day

07 April 2018 | Bath, NC
We left our slip at New Bern Grand Marina at 6:05 on Friday, April 6. It's a calm, cool morning.

We clear the Alfred Cunningham Drawbridge , and motor over to the Galley Marina for fuel.

We're off the fuel dock and underway again by 7:00. There's quite a bit of sea smoke on the river; thankful for radar!

By 9:00 am, the smoke has lifted, and the sun is shining brightly. It warms up nicely. Only 5 knots of wind, almost on the nose, so we motor along at 5.5 knots.

Robert has work meetings all morning, so I take the helm. There's quite a bit of boat traffic this morning.

At about 11:00 am, the wind clocks around to between 90 and 120 degrees, and picks up to 10-12 knots. I notify Robert of the change, but we'll need to wait until he completes his current meeting to raise the jib.

At noon, Robert comes up for air, and we raise the jib. Now we're cookin'!!
We increase our speed to just over 7 knots.

I resume my place at the helm, and Robert conducts his last morning meeting. The Neuse River is kind to us today, with mild swells.

Lunch is sandwiches, chips and salsa.

After lunch, the wind is a steady 15, and we make great time. The Bay River is a little choppy, but not bad at all.

We enter the Hobucken Cut around 1:20 pm. Just after we passed the Coast Guard Station, we see the Coast Guard Patrol Boat ahead of us with its blue lights flashing. They hail us on the VHF radio, and advise they plan to board us for a safety check. The officers were very professional and polite. We passed our safety check with flying colors, and they proceeded on their way.

The afternoon winds are steadily building, and when we enter the Pamlico River , she's a beast. 3 foot waves on our port beam, and winds steady 20 with gusts to 27.

We fly into Bath Creek at 7.5 knots with a 20 knot wind behind us, drop the sail, and head to the dock.

Our dear friend David is once again allowing us to stay on his dock. Docking was quite interesting with the wind, but we finally made it in!!

Once we're safely tied up, we enjoy a cocktail. What a day!!

Record time// 65 miles in 10 hours!! As I always say, in true Nordstrom fashion!!!

Thankful to be in the wonderful town of Bath, among great friends and caring family.

My Wonderful Life. ( as we think Maggie would tell it)

15 November 2017 | New Bern, NC
Becky (thru Maggie's eyes)
My life as a Nordstrom has been amazing!!!

My humans, Becky and Robert, adopted me from 4 Paws Animal Rescue in Denver, NC when I was about 1 and 1/2 years old. I loved them right from the start! When they picked me up on my first day with them, I jumped into their big SUV and settled in for the ride.

Wait, uh, where are we heading???? There's so much water!! AND, it seems they expect me to walk down this big wooden dock. I see lots of boats, but I've never been on a lake before. Sensing my hesitation, Robert picks me up in his arms and carries me to " our boat"--- Why Knot. It takes me a while to get used to the rocking motion, but I feel ok as long as my humans are near.

We spend the weekend on this rocking home. Next, we head to my real home. It's nice-- I have a soft bed by the fireplace. AND, plenty of food and treats!!! I'm liking this!!

We go for walks around the neighborhood every day. I meet lots of other dogs. I stay on my leash as our neighborhood is busy with cars. My humans leave me home alone each day while they work. I anxiously wait for them to come home. My favorite part of every day is when they come through that door and say--" hey, Mag-Dog!! They always rub my head and it feels so nice!!

In a year or so, we move to a different house. It's in the country . There's a big yard, and lots of woods for me to explore. There's even a creek!! Hooray!! There's squirrels, rabbits, birds-- so many exciting things!! I love our new place! AND, Robert stays home and works, so I hang out with him all day in his office upstairs.

We spend lots of time on the boat too!! Almost every weekend, we pack our bags and head to the lake. I'm no longer afraid to walk down the dock; I know EXACTLY which boat is ours. We have many friends here. They all love me!! I get lots of treats!!

We get a different boat at a new marina , but I'm still happy!! The people at this marina are wonderful. They spoil me!! We also got a motorcycle--- I have a special little trailer with a crate that I ride in. I love traveling with my humans. We often go tent camping in the mountains!! We hike for miles and miles . I carry my own backpack with my special stuff. We go kayaking a lot too! Again, I have a special seat in the back-- a nice floaty cushion; AND my own life jacket!! My life is so cool!!!

The years go by, and my humans decide that they love boating so much they are going to sell our house and LIVE ON a boat all the time!!!! WHAT???? I'm not too sure about this!! I think my humans have gone a little crazy. Oh, what the heck!! It's just another adventure!!

Our next boat is nice!! It's bigger, so I have more room. Once again, the marina people are super friendly. I think I'm gonna be right at home here--- Little Washington is nice!
Becky goes to work a few days a week, so I hang out with Robert on the boat while he works. This boat's name is " AT LAST"--- a very appropriate name.

We stay here for 2 years. A big hurricane named Irene came, and AT LAST was destroyed. Oh, NO!! We move back into a house for a few months while my humans search for another boat.

The years are flying by so fast!!! It's 2012 already!!! I've been a Nordstrom for 10 years!! WOW!!

Now the fun really begins!!! We get another boat-- her name is SeaQuell. We start moving on this boat all the time!! My humans say we're "cruising". I'm not too sure I like it! Being in motion constantly is sometimes unnerving. My tummy feels "funny" sometimes. Becky and I often suffer through what she calls "seasickness" together. It's not fun at all, but if Becky can handle it, so can I. She keeps telling me that being a Nordstrom girl "ain't for the faint of heart". Boy, that 's the truth!!

Our travels on SeaQuell lead us in bad weather sometimes. I have always hated thunderstorms, but it's even worse on a boat. I have this silly shirt called a Thundershirt. It's supposed to help calm me. It's useless!! Becky goes inside and sits with me on the floor beside my bed until the storms pass. She rubs my tummy and tells me it's going to be ok. I trust her . She loves me a lot-- I just know it!!

Enough of the negative side of life on a boat!! Let's talk about the FUN stuff!!! When the seas are calm, I get to walk around and explore. I love going out to the bow of the boat. Oh, the sights and smells. I've seen dolphins, flying fish, and all sorts of birds. Big turtles too! The salt air smells clean!! The sun warms my fur!! I learn to pee and poop on the part of the boat called the trampoline. It's like a net-- who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I guess I'm not your average dog, huh??

I've even been to the Bahamas on this boat--3 times-- that's right!! 3!!!! I even have my own "passport"-- a pet import paper that allows me in the islands. I had to get special shots-- I didn't like that part.

The Bahamas --- ahhhh--- beautiful, wonderful, exhilarating !!!!! I go swimming--- not my favorite. I go kayaking--- I love it!! My favorite thing is riding in the dinghy with Robert and Becky. We explore many beaches. I run freely in the sand, and splash at the edge of the water. I get to go EVERYWHERE with my humans here-- even the restaurants and bars!!! I get to eat "people food" occasionally. After all, it's a vacation!!

The day to day life is pretty awesome too. We travel north in the summer, and south in the winter. We meet many wonderful people everywhere we go. I make lots of new "pet friends" too.

In 2015, My humans decide to buy a small RV. They love for me to be able to go everywhere with them, and this van makes it easy!! We go to the mountains, to the beach, and anywhere the mood strikes us. I'm getting older now, and I don't like staying alone so much.

My years as a Nordstrom have flown by. I'm 16 now, and starting to feel my age. I don't run much anymore-- just the daily walk kinda tires me out. For months, I've been losing weight-- I'm super skinny now even though Becky tries her best to "fatten me up". She cooks me chicken, ground beef, scrambled eggs-- all my favorites. She lets me have some of whatever she's having--- cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter toast. Robert buys me all kinds of "special" dog food, but none of it really appeals to me. I'm real thirsty , but not hungry most of the time.I pee a lot too. I've even had a few "accidents". My humans are concerned that I have something called Diabetes, but my tests are negative. The vet says she can run a whole bunch of other tests, but we choose not to (thank you, Humans.)

It's hard to get on and off the boat now. I've missed my step a few times and fallen in the water. I really don't like that. Robert builds me a special set of steps to make it easier. He puts extra lights up so I can see better at night. Becky often just picks me up in her arms and carries me where I need to go. My humans are the best!!

Getting old isn't fun. I'm tired a lot. I sleep a lot. I eat very little. I throw up quite often.

On my final day on earth, I'm a little confused. I kinda stare blankly into space. I don't feel so hot. I've also got some funky drainage from my lady parts. My humans take me to the vet.
She does some horrible things to my bottom involving gloves and fingers--- I HATE it, but I don't fight like I did when I was younger. I'm just tired. They take some blood, and in a few minutes they give my humans the news--I have stage 4 kidney failure.

I just lie there on the cool floor resting. My "parents" are crying and talking quietly. Robert asks if I wanna go home; back to the boat; but I'm too tired to respond. I really just want to rest.

They take me outside for a short walk--- I sniff the grass just a little. Then we go to our van, and I snuggle in my bed. "Mom" gives me 4 of my favorite treats-- chicken and sweet potato. I don't even wag my tail but I look at my humans with my big brown eyes with love and admiration. They are the best!!!

The vet is coming now with a nice soft blanket, and some medicine to make me "sleep". It's hard to say goodbye to my wonderful earthly life, but I'm ready. My humans are by my side as I set sail once more--- across the Rainbow Bridge. I had a wonderful, exciting life as a Nordstrom, but it's time to go now.

A Nightmarish Day

04 November 2017
We leave our anchorage around 8:00 am. It's cloudy and cool this morning, and there's about 8 knots of wind. We raise the jib as we enter the Bay River.

The river is choppy, and the waves are on our port beam. Not pleasant, but bearable.

Once we turn into the Neuse River, the waves are behind us, making it a much more pleasant ride. I spend the morning doing a little housekeeping. Robert's at the helm. Maggie sleeps.

Lunch is soup and sandwiches. The wind has increased to 10 - 15 knots, and we're making about 7 knots.

After lunch, I go down to use the head, and step into ankle deep water in the port hull. SHIT!! The bilge is beyond full, and water is sloshing around. The bilge pump switch had inadvertently gotten turned off. I quickly turn the switch on, and the pump begins working.

I take the helm, and Robert begins the search to find the source of the incoming water.
Since the pump on the port side is working, he checks the starboard side of the boat. There's water coming from the engine compartment door, and onto the guest cabin floor. The starboard bilge pump is working adequately.

BOTH engines have hoses that are leaking. The starboard engine leak was easily visible, and repaired quickly. The port engine leak was not as easily diagnosed, as the water was leaking out the rear of the engine-- near the generator. The heat exchanger "end cap" had a slit in the seam. In our bucket of spare parts, we found a replacement cap, but it was too small. Damnit!!

Robert abandoned efforts to repair the port engine; we decide to just use the starboard one for the rest of the trip. We only have about 12 more miles to go.

The bilge pump on the port side isn't pumping the water out sufficiently, so Robert rigs up an auxillary pump using our electric drill and a siphon hose. Finally, the water begins to recede!!

We arrive at the New Bern Grand Marina around 3:00 pm. We're emotionally frazzled, the starboard engine is tired, but we manage to get docked safely. Hallelujah!!

As soon as we are securely tied up to the dock, I mix two mighty strong cocktails to ease our pain.

Days like today are a sailor's nightmare. We're thankful that we are safe, and that SeaQuell is ok. The clean up will have to wait until we finish our cocktails, and breathe a big sigh of relief.

Heading to our Winter Home

04 November 2017
Friday, November 3, 2017

We left Bath at 2:00'pm. It's very warm this afternoon-- almost 80 degrees; it's sunny, and the Pamlico River is like glass. Not a breath of wind to be had.

We motor all afternoon, arriving at Campbell Creek at 4:45 pm. We had planned to anchor here tonight, but since we have a couple of hours of daylight left, we continue on.

We arrive at the Bay River , and anchor at the mouth of the Hobucken cut just before sunset. It's cooling off nicely with the sunset, and there's actually a light breeze. The moon is almost full. Only one other boat is in the anchorage. Lovely!!

We enjoy a quick dinner of a beef, spinach, and potato casserole. Cocktails to wash it down.

As we're having dinner, we hear a "hissing" sound. I had run some water for dishwashing prior to dinner. The same freaking strainer that popped off a month ago has once again come off-- now the cabinet under the galley sink is full of steaming hot water, and my bucket of cleaning supplies, rags, and assorted Ziplock bags, plastic wraps, and foil is soaked. Damnit!!! I interrupt my dinner to remove everything, and place everything on towels to dry.

After dinner, Robert removes
the strainer from the hose, and repairs the leak.
I sop up all the water with beach towels, and continue my dishwashing. I hang all the towels to dry, and recline on the settee with a very strong cocktail.

I see an early bedtime in my future. I'm beyond frustrated with this POS strainer. This is the 3rd time it has just exploded. I threw the damn thing in the trash. Good riddance!!

Bath Bound!!

09 October 2017 | Bath,NC
Day 10: Sunday, October 8, 2017

We leave our peaceful anchorage at 8:30. I let the birthday boy sleep in this morning!!!!

We raise the jib as soon as we leave. The winds are light-- about 6 knots out of the south.

We motorsail all morning. There's very little boat traffic today-- seems nice!

I do some housekeeping, Robert mans the helm, princess Maggie sleeps.

Lunch is leftovers for Robert, soup for me, a turkey dog for Maggie.

We arrive in Bath,NC at 2:00 pm. We're welcomed "home" by my sister,Connie;her hubby, Rick; and David, a friend who so graciously allows us to stay at his dock.

Once SeaQuell's all snug in her slip, we do a little "porch sitting" with cocktails in hand .

David makes some gin martinis with the gin Robert bought when we were in London-- SipSmith. Damn those drinks went down smoothly!!

Dinner tonight is prime rib, potatoes, broccoli salad, and bread. Connie and Rick prepared this wonderful dinner to celebrate Robert's birthday!! We're joined for dinner by David and our dear friend Jane. The food was delicious, the wine abundant, and a great time was had by all. A delicious birthday cake with homemade peach ice cream finished the meal. Yum!! Yum!!

We do a little more porch sitting, enjoying a nightcap.

We head back to SeaQuell around 10:30. It's past my bedtime!!
What a fantastic day!!!!!

A Long Day

07 October 2017 | Belhaven,NC
Day 9: Saturday October 7, 2017

We left Columbia at 8:00

We motor up the Scuppernong River, and to the Albemarle Sound. There's only 6 knots of wind, but we raise the jib and motorsail.

Late morning, the wind picks up to about 10, but it's almost on the nose. The Albemarle becomes quite lumpy; not horrible, but not pleasant.

Lunch is leftover Mexican casserole and salad.

As we enter the Alligator River, the wind picks up more. Now around 15 knots. Things remain lumpy, and maintaining 5 knots is challenging. The wind is still almost on the nose.

We finally get in the Alligator-Pungo canal around 4:30. We decide to press on as we're now making 6+ knots.

Dinner is roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, and green beans.

As I'm washing dishes, I feel very hot water splash on my left foot. I initially thought I splashed it, but as I was rinsing the sink, the water pressure died. I immediately turn the pressure pump off.

I open the door to the cabinet under the sink, and am blasted by hot steam. SHIT!! The cap has come off of one of the hoses--water everywhere.

I let the steam escape the cabinet, and remove everything. Nothing like soaked Ziplocks, Brilli pads, and assorted cleaning supplies. I spread all the stuff out to dry, and towel up all the water.Robert will have to repair later.

The sun sets around 6:45, but it doesn't get really dark until about 7:30.

We were hoping for a big, bright moon, but it takes what seems forever for the moonrise.

We arrive at our anchorage around 9:00 pm, and drop the hook.

Robert repairs the plumbing , I mix cocktails, and we both breathe a big sigh of relief.

It's been a long, tiring day. We're thankful for a safe journey, this beautiful, peaceful anchorage and FINALLY-- that huge bright moon we needed earlier.

I see an early bedtime tonight!!
Vessel Name: SeaQuell
Vessel Make/Model: Manta 40
Hailing Port: Bath, NC
Crew: Captain Robert, Admiral Becky & Maggie the Wonder Dog!
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