Wild Alliance

The Danns Afloat !

Who: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Port: Ipswich
15 December 2010 | La Linea
28 October 2010 | La Linea
27 October 2010 | la Linea
09 October 2010 | Algarve
26 September 2010 | Bayona, Spain
24 September 2010 | Bayona
14 September 2010 | Port Louis
07 September 2010 | Port Louis
05 September 2010 | Port Louis
30 August 2010 | Port Louis
24 August 2010 | France
24 August 2010 | Lezardrieux
18 August 2010 | Jersey
12 August 2010 | St Helier
07 August 2010 | Braye
05 August 2010 | Braye, Alderney
01 August 2010 | Brighton
27 July 2010 | Dover
26 July 2010 | Levington

Feet up in Jersey

12 August 2010 | St Helier
Well we wont be breaking and speed records for our rate of progress towards Gibraltar, but we are having a nice leisurely time of it !!
After leaving the wonderful island of Alderney last sunday, we motor sailed down past Sark to Jersey (hardly any wind........at least not of the meteorological variety! ) and collared a very easy berth just inside the marina entrance. Its fair to say, we do stick out a bit - about 15 feet, in fact, and thats with the bowsprit over-hanging the pontoon at the other end - but it seems quite normal here where they pack boats in 5 or 6 deep wherever there is a gap. Luckily for us, we dont get rafted on in this berth so we get no disturbance from people clambering about on our deck !
Given the strong winds, we decided to stay here for a week and the marina did us a good deal on that basis, so we'll be exploring, receiving guests and catching up with Sue, a long standing friend who lives here.
The boat has been great so far.....really comfortable and seakindly,despite the channels best efforts at getting us wet and miserable! The engine is amazing - loads of power when you need it, but amazingly low fuel consumption when in general use. The new generator is great too - Vicky straightens her hair when ever she fancies !!
Well, I'll sign off for now....no doubt we'll post a Jersey update soon,
till then -Hi to all our friends and family...see you soon xx
Vessel Name: Wild Alliance
Vessel Make/Model: Formosa 51 1979
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Extra: We have lived aboard for the last 5 years, first on our old yacht "AMP UK" and now on "Wild Alliance" since buying her in Nov 08. Improvements and upgrades have been made over that time and although she still needs lots of "cosmetic" TLC, the big job list is gradually getting shorter.......
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The Danns Afloat !

Who: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Port: Ipswich