Wild Alliance

The Danns Afloat !

Who: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Port: Ipswich
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A Free Supper

18 August 2010 | Jersey

We've now spent over a week in Jersey. Luckily we have a good friend here, Sue, who has been our personal chauffer and tour guide as well as all round lovely person ! I've known Sue since I was 2 years old and she was a second mum to me when i was growing up and it has been wonderful to catch up after such a long time.
This week we have managed to cycle out to Corbieres lighthouse - a shakedown expedition on our aging slightly rusty folding boat bikes - we had many an envious stare from other cyclists ! The cycle paths are brilliant here and it's a great way to see the island but we did have really sore bums for the next day or two after our 14 mile trek.
Jersey ice cream has been tasted (naturally more than once to do a conclusive taste test ) and yes it is yummy.......
I've also learnt about Ormers - these are a shellfish very similar to the abalone which occur naturally here and are started to be harvested and grown by a gentle giant of a man called Justin who very generously gave up a couple of hours to show us over his 'baby' - it's fascinating and I'm sure it's going to really take off for him.
One of the highlights for us was my mum and dad coming over for the weekend to stay with us, we had a great time. On the beach one afternoon we met a local fisherman who had been out combing the beach and collecting razor clams. From then on it has been a mission for me to collect some myself. So the next day armed with a large bag of salt and an enormous bucket we all hit the beach and began to fill all the small holes with salt (tip from fisherman !) and waited for the 100's of razor clams to pop up - we were going to catch supper........... ! But today I was not going to be known as 'Fisherman Vic', we were doing something wrong. The internet is a very useful tool and I googled and I YouTubed and got some answers......you need to follow the tide OUT not IN as we had been doing and the holes are definitely keyshaped or two small holes. After arming myself and my team with this new info we set out down the beach (again!)......it wasn't too successful to start with but then Sue got the first one - it was SO exciting - they look like willy's when they are pulled out, not the prettiest sight ! Then my mum got one, then another and we were off. We were all successful - it took my dad and Aid a while to get one but eventually they got in on the act too. But my mum - well she was queen razor clam fisherman. So then the cooking, they were doused in garlic butter and put in the bbq - yummy - how satisfying is that ?
Last night Aid and Finn went fishing for mackerel, they come dancing over the marina sill when the tide comes in and are then trapped in the marina. The pic is of the two which were caught, gutted and cooked by them - another satisfying supper.
We're hoping to be on our way soon but there is a lot of strong wind forecast for the next day so hoping to leave Thursday for France. We have had a lovely relaxing time here which is just what we needed after months of hard work and planning for our trip. It sort of feels like we are ready to go now and can't wait to see what is round the next corner. Jersey has been good for us.
Vessel Name: Wild Alliance
Vessel Make/Model: Formosa 51 1979
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Extra: We have lived aboard for the last 5 years, first on our old yacht "AMP UK" and now on "Wild Alliance" since buying her in Nov 08. Improvements and upgrades have been made over that time and although she still needs lots of "cosmetic" TLC, the big job list is gradually getting shorter.......
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The Danns Afloat !

Who: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Port: Ipswich