Wild Alliance

The Danns Afloat !

Who: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Port: Ipswich
15 December 2010 | La Linea
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27 October 2010 | la Linea
09 October 2010 | Algarve
26 September 2010 | Bayona, Spain
24 September 2010 | Bayona
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Gibraltar,home for now......

15 December 2010 | La Linea
Although we are officially in Spain we feel very much like we are in Gibraltar as the marina is situated just over the frontier. From our transom windows we overlook the 'Rock' and I have to say it's a very pleasing view. We are no strangers to the place having visited several times over the years and Gib being a yachty stop over/crew change destination has made it a place to visit in the past and so we have done several of the tourists spots before. Walking up the rock is always exhilirating as long as you have a clear view and the local levanter wind hasn't collected a massive cloud at the top! Adrian is in history heaven and is making it a personal goal to try and visit every military site/cannon/battlement on the rock!
Finn has joined a Karate club and has just achieved his red belt - he is so chuffed and he's made some new friends there too.
We like wintering here...the Gibraltarians are very nice people and we have met up with a local BSAC diving club - Noahs - and hope to join just as soon as we can earn some steady dosh. They have made us feel very welcome and we had a great time at thier 'Skanky Do' christmas bash - see the pics on facebook!
Already we have had a couple of lots of visitors, firstly my sister Sal, her fiancee Carl and her son Harry and then very shortly after Wendy, Ian & Sam came out for a few days - my liver was crucified from all the partying but it was great to see everyone.
We are now looking forward to Christmas, the tree is up and the lights and decorations are hung. Santa has had his letter and all we have to do now is the food shopping......................we are hiring a car for three days this week to explore and get some of the heavier bulkier stuff back from the supermarket, wine, drinks, loo roll etc !
Have a really great christmas everyone and a happy new year xxxx
p.s that's Finn sailing his swifgig in the pic !
Vessel Name: Wild Alliance
Vessel Make/Model: Formosa 51 1979
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Extra: We have lived aboard for the last 5 years, first on our old yacht "AMP UK" and now on "Wild Alliance" since buying her in Nov 08. Improvements and upgrades have been made over that time and although she still needs lots of "cosmetic" TLC, the big job list is gradually getting shorter.......
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The Danns Afloat !

Who: Adrian, Vicky & Finn
Port: Ipswich