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Storming along

12 October 2011
I'm now getting some of the fastest sailing since leaving Lisbon. The southerly wind is creeping ever more into the south east and so I am just cracked off the wind sailing with the yankee, staysail and one reef in the main and getting consistent speeds well over six knots. Of course, it makes life a bit of balancing act down below because, at times, the sea is quite lumpy. Then we'll have a few hours where we ride gently over it, then a bit of banging and crashing and so it goes on. So, good progress and although I'm not yet halfway to Salvador it feels much closer because this last leg seems certain to go much faster than the first. The days when I rejoiced when the log went over 3 knots seems a lifetime away but I guess it was only three days. Ventilation is a problem. It really does get quite hot and stuffy below decks because there's so much spray flying the all the hatches have to be closed. For survival I have a superb little fan (Caframo) which uses hardly any power and shifts a lot of air and I find I am spending quite a lot of time in my bunk, reading. Two things to look out for: I'm getting quite close the St Peter and St Paul rocks which sit out here in the middle of the Atlantic for no good reason. Certainly not big enough for habitation but big enough to be a damned nuisance for early navigators. And since I'm about a day away from crossing the equator, I must keep an eye out for King Neptune who, I gather, pays a visit to those crossing for the first time, which includes me. People often ask what I do all day: this morning I completely stripped down the lavatory (heads) and replaced the pump and all the valves. So there.
Vessel Name: Wild Song
Vessel Make/Model: Victoria 38
Hailing Port: Falmouth UK
Crew: Paul and Libby Heiney
Paul Heiney and Libby Purves are writers and broadcasters in the UK, are married, and have sailed together for over 30 years. Libby is also a monthly columnist for 'Yachting Monthly' magazine. [...]
Both Paul and Libby have written about their sailing adventures. 'One Summer's Grace' is Libby's best-selling account of their voyage round Britain with their, then, two small children. Paul wrote of his solo transatlantic experiences in 'The Last Man Across the Atlantic'. The clue's in the [...]
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