Voyage of the SV Terrwyn

Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.

19 October 2016 | Friday Harbour, Washington.
28 August 2016
18 June 2016 | 48 17'N:124 03'W, Strait of Juan de Fuca
14 June 2016 | 47 30'N:127 35'W, Bamfield, B.C., Canada
13 June 2016 | 47 30'N:127 35'W, Approaching the Pacific North West
12 June 2016 | 45 31'N:131 13'W, Approaching the Pacific North West
11 June 2016 | 44 36'N:132 31'W, Approaching the Pacific North West
09 June 2016 | 42 25'N:135 40'W, Approaching the Pacific North West
07 June 2016 | 40 05'N:140 20'W, Day 15 : Hawaii to Canada
04 June 2016 | 36 40'N:143 30'W, Day 12 : Hawaii to Canada
03 June 2016 | 34 36.5'N:144 28.9'W, Day 11 : Hawaii to Canada
02 June 2016 | 33 00'N:145 32'W, Day 10 : Hawaii to Canada
31 May 2016 | 30 01'N:146 37'W, Day 8 Hawaii to Canada
30 May 2016 | 29 34'N:149 06'W, Day 7 Hawaii to Canada
29 May 2016 | 28 58'N:150 35'W, 6 day underway
26 May 2016 | 24 43'N:156 56'W, Third day underway
25 May 2016 | 22 56.8'N:158 02'W, Leaving Oahu
24 May 2016 | Honolulu, Hawaii
14 May 2016 | Honolulu, Hawaii
12 May 2016 | 21 11.6'N:157 42'W, Sailing to Honolulu

Flotsam and Jetsam

03 June 2016 | 34 36.5'N:144 28.9'W, Day 11 : Hawaii to Canada
Flotsam and Jetsam

As in any other field of endeavor sailing and seamanship has it's own vocabulary. With that comes the issue of communication. Learning the vocabulary allows easier understanding or instant communication. I could wax eloquently for pages on this topic but, blessedly, I won't.

Today's topic of conversation over our morning tea (with lemon and sugar andÉ) while continuing (day 2) to enjoy our beautiful sleighride in 10 kts of wind from the SE, were the terms "flotsam" and "jetsam".

Flotsam: natural organic debris such as seaweed.

Jetsam: human debris which has either been jettisoned, dropped or swept away from human structures. -sayeth the word masters of SV Terrwyn-

This topic arose because over the past few days we have seen numerous bits of jetsam... more than we have seen in all of our ocean passages. Some of it has been expected, although the amount is surprising. Plastic, glass, metal items that have stubbornly refused to sink, dissolve or dissipate. Others have been unexpected and even shocking.

Two days ago a door or hatch, painted green with yellow border, still brightly coloured, floated by. Last evening an overturned wooden/fibreglass(?) 18 ft. dinghy appeared drifting along our beam. Still intact. Barnacles beginning to colonize the waterline on the upturned hull. Gulp. We were silent as we watched it disappear over the horizon in our wake.

Makes one think of the stories attached to the simple words we use in our vocabulary. And the differences they may make in our communication.

(This photo is of a 45 gallon plastic tub - one of the many interesting bits of jetsam we are seeing...).
Vessel Name: Terrwyn
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, B.C., Canada
Crew: Bill and Cathy Norrie (AKA Scuppers and Pipper)
SV Terrwyn has completed her circumnavigation of the world with her co-skippers Catherine (AKA Poppy) and William (AKA Scuppers) now getting used to their land legs. Getting off the boat successfully onto terra firma can be a challenge. [...]
Extra: Bill and Cathy are co-caps and together on their beautiful yacht, SV Terrwyn they are travelling around the world. We hope you enjoy travelling with us and we love to read any comments that you might leave.

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