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05 September 2015
05 September 2015
05 September 2015
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16 January 2015 | Bergen
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Over Jærens Rev

27 June 2011 | Jæren
First to Egersund for water and fuel. One more crew left for sailing with family (first passage would actually be Oslo – Fjällbacka). We had the forecast from Frivind, which was kind of worrying: at first strong winds from SSW, turning into stormy weather with lots of rain and lightening: the following text from our forecaster, in large letters as received, sums it all up neatly: ”YOU HAVE TO BE IN HARBOUR THIS EVENING”.
We got the message, but wanted to take advantage of the southerly winds. So off we got. It turned out to be exhillarating. Sunny and around 14 ms. Most of the time we sailed just under a slightly rolled up genoa, and the autopilot (which turned out to be a better helmsman than all of us, even our experienced skipper – thank you very much Furuno!). We relaxed after a while, finding the rythm. My wife relaxed too much, stretching out in the cocpit until a freak wave threw her off. She hit the opposite bunk on her chest and had an extremely painful strain. We were worried it had broke, but after a while she got her breath back and we knew the affair had not turned into total disaster. It would have been extremely difficult, in those conditions, to handle a punctured lung or even a broken rib. One should never forget that sailing in small crafts at the ocean, even outside the coast, will always be a demanding sport.
Eventually, we passed Stavanger, sailed over Boknafjorden, and tied up at Føresvik, Bokn. The night offered a spectacular storm, but we slept through it without any worries. A friend of mine had been flying through this weather, and afterwards told me that the plane had to slalom between several small hurricane centres. We thought we had seen one of those out to west on our trip over Jæren, but laughed it away. Just as good not knowing, at least when there is nothing much to do about it anyway.
By the way, the photo is from Skagerrak. I just liked it.
Vessel Name: Mystery
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 342
Hailing Port: Bergen
Crew: William Brochs-Haukedal, Inger-Johanne N. Haukedal
William is professor in strategic management at the Norwegian School of Economics. He likes the sea, and prefers cruising before racing. He is married to Inger-Johanne, managing director at a psychiatric hospital in Bergen. [...]
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Who: William Brochs-Haukedal, Inger-Johanne N. Haukedal
Port: Bergen