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05 September 2015
05 September 2015
05 September 2015
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Winter gone

02 April 2012
It has been a relatively mild winter, and not much snow here in Bergen this year. But you never know in advance, so the boat was duly prepared last October for winter. A cover designed for this HR model was bought and put on (photo illustrates the result before tweaking), motor winterized, all interior lockers opened, loo prepared with coolant, and sea-cocks locked.
There has been no humidity inside, but a couple of winter storms occasioned a small dent in the hull. No drama, but it has to be repaired before the season starts. Next year she will be put on land.
Otherwise things have gone pretty smooth, with just a couple of battery charging periods.
The sails have been with the sail loft for cleaning and storing during the winter. Apart from this I do not see much shopping for items. I did buy a Gyb'Easy boom brake, which I hope will ease downwind sailing nerves. Report will follow.
We are now preparing for taking down the cover, and prepare for setting the boat on shore for cleaning underwater hull, polishing and doing the maintenance belonging to the season.
Plans for summer are relatively modest because of some practical issues. We intend to spend the summer cruising the West Coast between Bergen and Stavanger, which is of course outside our own doors. At the same time this area is full of attractive places and usually not completely crowded.
Vessel Name: Mystery
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 342
Hailing Port: Bergen
Crew: William Brochs-Haukedal, Inger-Johanne N. Haukedal
William is professor in strategic management at the Norwegian School of Economics. He likes the sea, and prefers cruising before racing. He is married to Inger-Johanne, managing director at a psychiatric hospital in Bergen. [...]
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Mystery crew

Who: William Brochs-Haukedal, Inger-Johanne N. Haukedal
Port: Bergen