Wilparina - Go With the Wind

Sailing the Salish Sea

08 July 2014 | Orcas Island, Washington
21 June 2014 | On Dry Land
14 June 2014 | West Sound, Orcas Island
13 June 2014 | West Sound, Orcas Island, Washington
08 June 2014 | Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, Washington
06 June 2014 | Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington
03 June 2014 | Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, Washington
22 May 2014 | St. Helen's, Oregon
17 May 2014 | St. Helens, Oregon
28 April 2014 | St. Helen's, Oregon
09 March 2014 | St. Helen's, Oregon
04 April 2012 | In the Marina
08 March 2012 | Same ol' Marina
12 February 2012 | Tomahawk Bay Marina
05 February 2012 | Same ol' Marina
17 January 2012 | Tomahawk Bay Marina
08 January 2012 | Tomahawk Bay Marina
02 January 2012 | Same ol' Marina
30 November 2011 | Slip 40
29 November 2011 | Slip 40


05 February 2012 | Same ol' Marina
Comments by Doug
Electrician Dave installed the new Balmar 100 amp alternator yesterday. (See photo above). I was hanging out, mostly acting as Dave's "go for." The winter weather turned nice. It was sunny, though windy and pretty cool. It felt good to be on the boat.

Dave mounted the isolation transformer in an out of the way corner. The iso-transformer weighs about 80 lbs, so getting it securely bolted to the underside of a shelf was a feat of strength as well as a balancing act. And in the cramped quarters, it's a "one man job." The language was getting saltier by the minute, and frustration was mounting. It took several attempts to get it mounted properly. My hat's off to Dave for his Herculean effort.

The new electrical panels have been assembled, though the wiring still needs to be connected. New cables were installed to the alternator. Step by step, it's coming together.

Vessel Name: Wilparina
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 37 Cutter
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon
Crew: Doug and Kathleen Verigin
Kathleen and Doug bought Wilparina in April of 2011 with a vision of accomplishing some long-distance cruising. It's taken over three years, and the project was almost abandoned, but at last, the boat is sailing again. Here's a journal of our adventures. [...]

Wilparina Sailing Again

Who: Doug and Kathleen Verigin
Port: Portland, Oregon