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Sailing the Salish Sea

08 July 2014 | Orcas Island, Washington
21 June 2014 | On Dry Land
14 June 2014 | West Sound, Orcas Island
13 June 2014 | West Sound, Orcas Island, Washington
08 June 2014 | Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, Washington
06 June 2014 | Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington
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Early Summer Weather in San Juan's

08 June 2014 | Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, Washington
During Jim, Chris and Raquel's five-day visit, we made a short tour of San Juan highlights. In addition to Sucia and Roche Harbor, we stayed a night at Reid Harbor on Stuart Island. I love Stuart. The three-mile walk to the light house at Turn Point is always enjoyable. The photo is of Prevost Harbor, on the north side of Stuart. That's Mt. Baker in the background.

It's really nice of the locals who put out fresh water along the popular trail. They also sell locally designed t-shirts and hats - sold on the honor system. You simply take what you want from a large wooden chest, and then mail them your check when you get back to "civilization."

Perhaps the best part about this cruise was that yesterday, the wind came up strong out of the south-east. We were sailing in 10-12 knots of wind. Wilparina was very happy on a beam reach, hitting 6 knots, and feeling very much at home. We sailed for a couple hours yesterday afternoon for no other reason than just because it was fun to sail. With Yoga Jim on the boat, he spent lots of time tuning and adjusting the rig, so it felt like we're getting her dialed in.

I dropped the crew off at the ferry dock this morning. They all had a good time. Chris and Raquel are from Colorado, and this was their introduction to the San Juan's. It was fun to show them around this wonderful place.

Now I've got a week ahead to do some work on a new and growing list of "To-Do's." I also have to go over to the mainland and get a new phone, fix my glasses and get my watch fixed. All three were casualties of the trip north. Fortunately, there were only a few other things that broke on the passage up. It is weird in this day and age to not have a cell phone.

Oh ... the weather is continued nice, though we may get a few showers in the next couple of days.

COOL THINGS THAT Happened: While we were in Roche Harbor, we met Virginia on the docks. She's from Colby Creations, Inc. www.colbycreations.com She creates custom bed sheets for the odd-shaped beds and bunks that you find aboard boats. Anyway, she had an entire ice chest full of just-cut, organic asparagus and said, "take as much as you'd like." We loaded up with that and added it to our dinner Friday night on Stuart Island. Yum!

Vessel Name: Wilparina
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 37 Cutter
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon
Crew: Doug and Kathleen Verigin
Kathleen and Doug bought Wilparina in April of 2011 with a vision of accomplishing some long-distance cruising. It's taken over three years, and the project was almost abandoned, but at last, the boat is sailing again. Here's a journal of our adventures. [...]

Wilparina Sailing Again

Who: Doug and Kathleen Verigin
Port: Portland, Oregon