07 April 2020 | Brunswick Landing Marina
06 April 2020 | Brunswick Landing Marina
05 April 2020 | Cumberland Island (the one with wild horses)
04 April 2020 | Cumberland Island (the one with wild horses)
03 April 2020
03 April 2020 | Sawpit creek, florida
02 April 2020 | Pine island oxbow
02 April 2020 | Pine island oxbow
01 April 2020 | Oldest city in a) Florida or b) the USA
31 March 2020 | Saint Augustine
29 March 2020 | Construction site
29 March 2020 | Cement plant
28 March 2020 | Near New Smyrna Beach
26 March 2020 | Titusville marina - near THE space center
25 March 2020 | Titusville marina - near THE space center
24 March 2020 | Palm Shore (or cove, or something)
23 March 2020 | Of Sabastian Inlet park
22 March 2020 | Sebastian inlet state park
21 March 2020 | Fort pierce
20 March 2020 | At anchor - Johnathan Dickenson State Park

Mental health day

07 April 2020 | Brunswick Landing Marina
Don Winchell
We booked another day at the marina .

Oh, correction, I'm not bleak, I'm dour.

But maybe both, and maybe a zombie also.

4200 car car carrier went aground in saint simons sound last September. Lot of people working on salvaging. They ask how they are feeling and check their temperature every day. If showing signs, the two week unpaid quarenteen. Don't know the details. Still some people just see it as an inconvenience.

Did laundry but did not have free beer... yet.
Thanks for the comments, and they ARE appreciated, but i must say that i noted our mental health was OK, and in light of this definitely unique situations and that it is amazing i HAVEN'T hung myself, not that i was contemplating. But yeah, things are strange for sure. But it is somewhat heartening that more people are staying home, and that many are wearing masks. A few weeks ago it seemed most people either didn't believe it was serious, or thought they were immune.

But there is definitely a disruption in the force (Luke).

Zombie apocalypse

06 April 2020 | Brunswick Landing Marina
Don Winchell | Very light wind, very strong tides
Brunswick Landing Marina...
Guess where it is?
25.2 miles today
Changed the idle speed and also replace a very worn alternator belt.
A really nice marina in a very lovely small city. The marina has free beer, free laundry, floating concrete docks and is very clean and well done. Reasonable rates also. Too bad we really won't be getting free beer or laundry or touring the lovely town as we are in isolation mode.

It is eerie, the streets are deserted, the parking lots are empty, what people there are move to the other side of the street or walk on the grass when passing, we do the same. It seems to have finally sunk in, keep your distance. The marina office has a screen partition and just a small window to transact through.

Sara says my posts are getting a little bleak. BLEAK! its somewhat amazing i haven't hung myself from the yard-arm. Well it would be hard as we don't have a yard-arm .

It seems we are actually doing OK mentally, all things considered, but it is stressful and disappointing. Stressful as there is so much potential for mishap on a boat and to a large degree the usual safeguards and safety nets are not there. Or interaction with a safety-net such as a towboat or a mechanic could turn you into a zombie. Disappointing because we are in some amazingly beautiful places, but can not really take much advantage of them.

We did get our amazon packages. Still need to get fuel and water. We will explore the propane further, but we probably have a months worth. Hopefully another two weeks and we will be either totally insane, driving back to Nova Scotia or deceased.

Sunday, a day of resting

05 April 2020 | Cumberland Island (the one with wild horses)
Don Winchell
Wild horses grazing in what will be six feet under water in a few hours.

Tomorrow we head for Brunswick landing marina.
Zero miles today
We will put on disposable gloves and masks and pick up amazon orders, dump trash, get water and fuel. Then remove our protective gear, wash down packages. Then if the situation seems reasonable we will again don new protective gear and maybe take a walk for exercise if it is legal to do so. Propane is a possibility, but only if it appears very safe. We will also try to get more engine oil and filters delivered.

Today was very quiet, but a few boats did come by, maybe 4? Usually would probably be 25, but we don't know about this particular spot. One park person did come and go in a boat and the crabbers emptied their traps.

Very very nice place, except for the bugs. They weren't crazy-bad, but annoying.

Sara made banana bread and i emptied the fuel cans into the tanks. We did more route planning, napped and relaxed.

Amazing tides here, over 7 feet, but combined with the flat terrain, it makes quite a show.


04 April 2020 | Cumberland Island (the one with wild horses)
Don Winchell | Nice, no wind till last half hour the 16 knts east
24 miles today
First tugboat and barge pass today, tugboat captain was very accommodating and noted he was out of his lane and making the turn wide.

WE MADE IT TO GEORGIA. 11 AM, crossed the line.
Anchored by the park in 12 ft which will turn to 19 feet soon

The grasslands became a bay.

At Cumberland island park. Park is closed. Zero people, just egrets, wild horses, bald eagle, hawks, dolphins, little white birds, jumping fish and stingrays (stingrays on the way in), and our little snapping srimp are back.

Quiet, very, very quiet. Big tide, over 7 feet. But fantastic Anchorage for tonight's and tomorrow's (forecast) winds 🤞

Watched a couple of Dharma talks.

Tomorrow is scheduled as a day of rest.

Tugboat and barge

03 April 2020
Don Winchell

Ran at higher RPM, Ran aground,

03 April 2020 | Sawpit creek, florida
Don Winchell
An open Anchorage above Jax.
30.2 miles.
With any luck at all we say goodbye to Florida tomorrow
Tried an Anchorage that was supposed to have 6ft all the way in. We were at mid tide so should have been 8. Ran aground in our 18" draft catamaran. Kickecd the boards up and backed out. Found a place a;out a mile further, light winds tonight so should be fine.

Tighten the motor mount nuts and were able to run at 2600 without major vibrations. Hope we are not causing a different problem.

Why don't i have a charmed life like some people?

The beginning of the end of Florida

02 April 2020 | Pine island oxbow
Don Winchell | Cooler
11.2 miles, anchored in 8ft at mid tide
Some wind protection, but good wave protection mostly

If things go to plan we will be out of Florida in two more days of traveling. then we need to get to a marina for diesel and water. Another brush with humanity. But it should all happen at the dock and it seems EVERYONE is social distantng now.
we anchored in 8 ft of water at the pine island oxbow long with about 8 other boats, plenty of room. Beautiful place. Nature is still nature.

The couple from Options III came over to chat, but did keep their distance. They had returned from the Bahamas on their 2001 Gemini. Their buddy-boat continued towards deltaville Virginia.

The beginning of the end of Florida

02 April 2020 | Pine island oxbow
Don Winchell
11.2 miles, anchored in 9ft at mid tide
Some wind protection, but good wave protection mostly

A bad April fools joke.

01 April 2020 | Oldest city in a) Florida or b) the USA
Don Winchell | Was two sweater weather this morning
The Castillo de San Marcos

Ran into another Canadian flagged Gemini in saint augustine, but they are storing the boat down the saint John river near Jacksonville. We may see them tomorrow at pine island (next planned stop), then again at town dock in Jacksonville, after that they turn left.

Sara made oatcakes, dis some cleaning and organizing, some planning, and caught up on some emails.

Hoped it was all an April fools joke, but nope.

People jog faster than we are traveling

31 March 2020 | Saint Augustine
Don Winchell | Was settled and cool, west to n west at 18 later
We had a lovely zero wind, positive current run this morning. While we were doing just over 5.5 knots, we watched people jog past us.

It is getting very bizzaro out here. The sparseness is (finally) becoming obvious, but still certainty not all pervasive. There are still people out there who must think they are immune, or are indeed simply genuinely stupid.  It seems many younger people have not yet gotten the memo, or didn't read it. Still waiting to see the numbers "flattening" or better yet some real news of a vaccine.

So far we still seem heatley, but maybe more than a little stressed. We are doing our best to pace ourselves, short hops and lots of rest, and gargle with bleach, but the bleach is running low.
(😉 just kidding about the gargling, but not the running low)

A very slow way to travel. 28 miles today.

Almost out of Florida OR Prisoners in Paradise

29 March 2020 | Construction site
Don Winchell | Warm, but not too warm
Many stops along the way. No movement today. Just listening to the sounds of construction. Condos MUST be built, people must have multiple houses that remain empty most of the year.

very different traveling on a boat in Florida now. No going out to dinner, no stopping for ice cream, no taking walks and exploring. So there is a certain prison-like quality to the whole thing. Fortunately the other inmate is an exemplary person, so it is still workable.

We re-did the calculations today and we can probably stay safely isolated and moving for 20 days at a time. Of water, diesel, food, propane and various type of garbage disposal, Water is the limiting factor.  We should be in Gerogia by this weekend, but we do have some northerlies forecast which could slow things down.

Our plan is 3 travel days and one lay-day, but we only made two days of travel this last stretch. Longer days with very few anchorages options between.

So far the mechanical systems are holding up but we keep getting a lot of reminders from the electronics about just how dependent we as are on them, yikes! We offer them cookies, but we don't know if it does any good.

Keeping all the mechanical fluids topped up and the RPMs down. We checked today on the laws in various states for storing the boat, they are very different per state. Now we still have to check on rates, availability and access to car rentals. If we make a break for it we are leaning towards driving vs flying. But will they let us into Canada? Into Nova Scotia? Yes folks a strange, strange time.

I do hope the sd , social distancing starts to have an effect and the infection numbers start coming down, instead of going up. More than that i hope for a vaccine. It is hard to describe/convey the sense of helplessness and vulnerability we feel having just gone ashore to get groceries in a very deserted store, and thinking through every place we could have, might have, been infected by a person a surface or a package, it is difficult to image the sequence of events that would have to take place to get back home by car or plane.  The closings of services continue, which is reallly really good, but many of them do or could present further obstacles. So very trying times.

Knowing the right thing to do, or course to take (making decisions) can be daunting. And the stakes are potentially very very high. But again, that is part of the dilemma, just what are the risks? Just how high are the stakes? What is the result of making the wrong decision?
In a way, of course, it is always this way, but somehow it seems like a bigger deal now.

we do appreciate everyone's best wishes and various offers and suggestions of help.

Stay well, eh.

Cement plant

29 March 2020 | Cement plant
Don Winchell | Same, light s, se winds
27 miles today.
Planned on 16, but were making good time on the Halifax River, so pushed on.
Not many anchorages on this stretch and we thought this Anchorage might be a stretch, but here we are. Not scenic at all, factory on one side and construction site on the other but a real hurricane hole. We could stay here for days... and might!
Weird wind out there this week and not many good anchorages even from a single direction, let alone all over the place.

Half and half

28 March 2020 | Near New Smyrna Beach
Don Winchell | Hot and muggy
Half city, half wilderness. But interestingly the wild animals and their boats come from the city and the wilderness side of things is pretty quiet. 27 miles today.

Saw a manatee up close yesterday, big as a cow.

So a friend sent what is below. I thought it was worth repealing.
Reflections on the Time

Love humanity.
Stay in meditation,
Open your heart and shut your mouth.
Keep your hands on your lap or in your pockets, and bow when you meet someone.
If you hear fears of death and fears of sickness, reflect upon the four rivers of life.
If not this sickness or death by this pandemic, death is anyways sure to come -
Mostly preceded by illness.
What are we doing to prepare for that?
Are you ready?
If not, what can you do to ready yourself?
Have you made up with all those whom you have conflict and disputes with?
Have you cleaned out all the crust in your heart?
Have you expanded your love to the world and people and animals around you?
Have you increased compassion and kindness?
Have you said, "I love you," to your loved ones, instead of assuming that they know?
Have you tidied up all your loose ends?
Have you become like a bird, ready to soar out from the sheltering bolder?
If not, think of this time as an opportunity to prepare both now and for the long run.
Humanity will survive, even if one does not.
Birds will sing, frogs will croak with summer around the corner.
Flowers will bloom.
Bees will mate.
Let not this natural beauty of the coming season be passed over under the shadow of COVID-19.

Another day in (what would be) paradise

26 March 2020 | Titusville marina - near THE space center
Don Winchell | A little cloud, started cool got very hot, now cooling off.
Staying another day on a mooring. Got diesel and water by dingy. Thinking about getting food tomorrow.

Confirmed our travel health insurance is still valid during a pandemic.

Got some quotes to store the boat.

Going to look at the news now.
Vessel Name: Knot Duality
Vessel Make/Model: 2001 Gemini catamaran, hull #710, draft 2', air-draft 46'
Hailing Port: Lunenburg Nova Scotia Canada
Crew: Don & Sara Winchell
In our 60's, been married to each other since 1979, sailing boats since the late 1980s. Started on Lake Champlain with a MacGregor 22, and took it to Nova Scotia with us. The MacGregor was a little small for the Atlantic, so we got a "Snowbird", 30-foot steel hulled Junk rig. [...]
This blog is mostly to help us record the kind of things about weather, distance, routes, anchorages fuel & water levels and the other things that have been recorded in ships logs for hundreds of years. After helping to keep us on track, it may serve other "sailors" by providing recent insights [...]
Home Page: https://prosperityconsulting.com
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