14 June 2020 | Deep Cove Nova Scotia
29 May 2020 | Deep Cove Nova Scotia
28 May 2020 | Comfort Inn, Bangor Maine DSA (Disjointed States of America)
27 May 2020 | Best Western
26 May 2020 | Norton boat yard
24 May 2020
23 May 2020 | Norton boat yard
22 May 2020 | Norton boat yard
20 May 2020 | Hampton municipal dock
19 May 2020
19 May 2020 | Hampton municipal dock
17 May 2020 | Tiny Anchorage in downtown Hampton
16 May 2020 | Atlantic Yacht Basin - a stopping place since the 30s
15 May 2020 | Coinjock Marina
14 May 2020 | Coinjock Marina
13 May 2020 | Anchorage Just above the alligator river swing bridge
12 May 2020 | Cyberspace

Suspension of blog

14 June 2020 | Deep Cove Nova Scotia
Don Winchell | Overcast , which is a fitting description of everything
Friday was our last day of quarantine. We went grocery shopping saturday.
This is probably the last post. At least till we get our boat.

First day in quarantine

30 May 2020
Don Winchell

Arrived at home (hopefully) safe and sound

29 May 2020 | Deep Cove Nova Scotia
Don Winchell | Fog, (figures)
Passed through canadian border, the only car in sight. No one in front of us, no one behind us. Went pretty smooth.

Long lines of cars being stopped going into New Brunswick from nova Scotia. We were stopped at the entrance to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick, but only a few cars.

Glad to be out of the USA right now, but there are a few "issues" in Canada also regarding the virus, particularly in New Brunswick. While there are police barricades screening people at the border, for what we are not sure, with traffic backed up for at least a half-mile, at the gas station we stopped at NO one was wearing masks except us, and "social distancing" simply was not happening.

While we were stopped at the NS border and versed in how to quarantine, none of the closely bunched police officers were wearing masks. Things seem to be getting more and more surreal. The Halifax airport, which we passed was deserted. Just plane empty.

9 states of mind, plus holy cow!

28 May 2020 | Comfort Inn, Bangor Maine DSA (Disjointed States of America)
Don Winchell | Overcast, drizzly at times
I-95 in Maine on a 74 degree Friday evening. The route
through Portland was deserted.

So supposedly Maine is not renting rooms to out of state visitors until June 1st. Oops, its May 28th, but we think we have a reservation. We hope so.
We will see. Not much definitive information is available anywhere. Just a lot of executive orders.

We went through the New Jersey turnpike service plaza where we have been on two other trips and had to hunt for a parking space and wait in long lines for starbucks and burger king. Today, literally 7 cars in the parking lot, the only store open was burger king with limited menu, Starbucks and all other stores were closed. The bathrooms looked like a scene from a zombie movie, every other toilet is taped off, paper towels all over the floor, really creepy. Most people had masks on, what there were of them.

New Hamster, must be run by hamsters, the bathrooms building at the rest stop is closed, but they have overflowing port-a-potties in the parking lot. The strangeness continues.

I-495 during rush hour on a Friday night was deserted. I-95 in Maine has never been this empty in our many trips.
So we traveled through 9 states today, with really almost as many states of mind. From "wear mask or don't come in" to ho-hum
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey , new York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, new Hampshire and Maine

Offical highway signs in Maine -
"Do your part, stay apaht, stay fah apaht"
Another official Maine highway sign
"Stay alive, Stay home"
Stay home, Stay alive
Hard to tell the correct order as the sign keeps cycling

We did get into the motel, had to sign some affidavit

So tomorrow we head for the Canadian, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia borders.ūü§ě

I guess govenors and premiers are having a field day all issuing various executive orders. Many seem to be very vague and often ambiguous, some full, of loop holes and some very draconian. It really does seems to be a very difficult task, and i expect probably many lawsuits and challenges will arise. I suppose some are really trying hard to do the right thing for the greatest numbers of people, but it seems very complex.

On the road again

27 May 2020 | Best Western
Don Winchell
Hard to know what to do.
Traveled about 150 miles today, left deltaville at 6 PM after tucking the boat in for, well we don't know for how long.
That's about a week of boat time.
Near waldorf mary land
Very strange still.
Boat is on dry land we are motoring along in a 2020 spaceship car that does things before you ask.

Really it is just a family van, Pacifica, but it seems every year they get more robotic, but great navigation system.

We tried sleeping in it but had to move to a motel as there is just no air in it unless it is running or the windows are open. If the windows are open the bugs get in.

2 days till reentry

26 May 2020 | Norton boat yard
Don Winchell
It all seems simple if you don't have to learn to drive again, buy things in place where half the people don't believe in germs, have a credit card that has been blocked about six times.
Talking to people who are schizophrenic about if they believe in germs (viruses) or not... - they have big signs about staying outside and wearing a mask but they don't wear one.
Then having to pass through 3 borders, each with their own hastily drafted new laws with $750,000 fines. (yeah kind of nuts, eh?) very hastily written laws.

After the relaxing of restrictions, the new cases seem to be spiking. But who knows what one can believe.

Yes, it all seems simple if you are sitting at home reading about it on the internet. But out here in covid-county it is sill wild-west-like.

We are also planning to cram what was two days of travel on the way down into one day.

3 days till reentry

24 May 2020
Don Winchell
We should get hauled winterized, packed and on the road Thursday, 3 days from today.

Disassembled Sara's office and put bedroom back together
Inventoried out storage spaces and stuff and started rearranging and sorting what stays and what goes.

Walked to the gas station for packaged icecream cones (drumsticks), no klodike bars at the place. We may have to try the 7-11

My brother says its safe to eat at McDonalds (from a virus perspective not a healthy-eating perspective). The jury's still out on this, in our opinion.

To take the airhead or not to take the airhead? Another question.

Day 2 in purgatory

23 May 2020 | Norton boat yard
Don Winchell
Just waiting to get hauled. 46 miles yesterday,
. Good trip overall, rain in the morning some ships to pay attention to, then some pots, but good overall hitting 7.5 knots at times.


22 May 2020 | Norton boat yard
Don Winchell
46 mile.
Really bad internet
Zero cell phone

Time to go, the last leg

21 May 2020
Don Winchell | Rainy, but warmer, not warm, just warmer.
Like water off a ducks back

After 4 days of sitting here, but preparing, researching, scheduling, arranging, taking walks, making oat cakes, etc., we plan to leave in the morning.

While not the last leg of the trip, if things go to plan (even roughly) it will be the last boat leg. For a while at least.

A 46 mile day, a long one for us, in the rain. But the only window we can see when the wind and waves will cooperate for another five days (or more).

So an early-ish start, out into the Chesapeake.
Good luck to us.

Water ghost town, and the next phase

20 May 2020 | Hampton municipal dock
Don Winchell | Overcast, wind on and off
0 miles
18 slips, two boats. No complaints, but still weird. We got a double slip as even if they had boats they are social distancing and only filling every other slip.

So we have booked our boatyard and our car from deltaville to Bangor and Bangor to Halifax. It is very sad to be ending the trip. But the trip has become just too strange. And again (sorry to repeat) a big part of the enjoyment has been meeting new people and seeing new places, eating at resteraunts and seeing local sights. But all that is gone, or very very strange and not in a good way.

We did meet an archetypical "fisherman" (clammer actually), and looked in the windows of the space museum and saw hand prints of many astronauts. Saw some jet engines through the windows and of course the gift shop where you can buy space suits for 3 year-olds.

Well, will probably go for a walk.


19 May 2020
Don Winchell
25 knot winds with gusts in the 30s and 4 ft (steep Chesapeake waves) on the nose for 42 miles? Nope!
We will sit in our slip tied with 6 dock lines.

It is actually a very sheltered place, a bit of a current, but nothing like what we have seen. Very little wave action. Actually surprising, but there is just no figuring this stuff. The variables and complexities of currents, cross-currents, channels, wind and whatever are multitudinous.

So we have electric and therefore heat, wind protection, water and can take walks through a ghost town. We went by the NASA space musium, about two blocks away, but it's closed. There seems to be some word that some partial opening will happen june 1st. But supposedly the governor has extended the general stay at home order till the 10th. It is all quite confusing as many things are open, but many more things seems to be closed.

We may do one more insta cart

Ghost town 2

19 May 2020 | Hampton municipal dock
Don Winchell
Rush hour, downtown Hampton in the middle of the campus.

Again, the picture does not do it. But being on the street it is visceral, the desolation is tangible. Many people are really suffering. Small businesses are getting killed, people are out of work and for most, it would seem the government handouts are simply not going to be enough.
And then there is the strange disconnect, inconsistencies and inconguriousness of there being a shutdown, but many people not wearing masks or social distancing. But it also seems many people just forget. They want to communicate, maybe even about the virus, they want to stand close. With most just a quick reminder and they will almost jump away. They simply forgot, forget, maybe 3 times in a 5 minute interaction. Habits are very ingrained.

But the institutional aspects are hard to reconcile.. their will be signs everywhere, plastic shields and hand sanitizer, but the employees are not wearing masks. I think they are trying to kill me, specifically. But of course their not.

So now there is potentially a vaccine on the way and now there are anti-vaxxers manning the ramparts. It seems we are in a house of mirrors.

Probably be stuck here till Saturday because of waves height in the Chesapeake

We booked a haul out. Only one day travel, but we can't leave till Saturday because of wind and waves. Then, it is a holiday on Monday, but we are moving along.

We need to travel 2 tenths of a mile today

18 May 2020
Don Winchell
We need to get to that dock over there.
Hampton on the other side of us.

Wind is just starting to pick. We just need to cross the small river

So this morning  we hear a new sound on the boat, we thought  we had heard them all. This as  strange clinking, strange  enough to go out in the rain to determine the cause. It was an empty half submerged beer bottle floating by and tapping the hull...
A CORONA beer bottle.   Weird.

So the governor of Virginia has extended the stay at home order till June 10th. Looks like no space musium for us. So has anyone come up with "the answer" on this virus thing? Sure is a wake-up about: impermanence / change, just what is "the economy", boredom, food as entertainment, entertainment as entertainment, what are "essential" services, and very significantly, what are the powers/authority of governors, government and just how well people will comply. Wow, lot of topics in that sentience.

So we need to start figuring out ground transportation vs. Water type. Hard to imagine that we will be able to travel as far in 20 or 30 minutes as we have traveled in 24 hours. This may take some mental adjustment.

Well sounds like here comes the wind (and rain). I guess i have to leave screen-world and go back into "real" world.

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This blog is mostly to help us record the kind of things about weather, distance, routes, anchorages fuel & water levels and the other things that have been recorded in ships logs for hundreds of years. After helping to keep us on track, it may serve other "sailors" by providing recent insights [...]
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