Finally :-)

26 November 2015 | Peaks Yard Trinidad
25 November 2015 | Peaks Yard Trinidad
23 November 2015 | Peaks Yard Trinidad
22 November 2015 | Peaks Yard Trinidad
22 November 2015 | Peaks Yard Trinidad
21 November 2015 | Peaks Yard Trinidad
20 November 2015 | Peeak yard
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21 December 2014 | St Lcuia /Marigot Bay
25 November 2014 | Crews Inn Marina Chaguaramas
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17 November 2014 | Peaks Yard Trinidad

See you next season

05 May 2010 | Chimichangas, Trinidad
Georg & Jill
Thanks for checking in on our blog over the past months ..We really enjoyed your comments!
I admit, It got a bit quite towards the end, but it just seemed much harder to find time for the blog with guests on board.

Please check back in Nov when we start round 2 :-)

Jill & Georg

Haul out Trinidad

05 May 2010 | Chimichangas Trinidad
Windhontas was pulled out of the water Monday morning and is currently in the yard for cleaning and preparing for long term storage. - sad day :-(
Staying / working in Chimichangas is a rather mixed bag, but I'm starting to get used to it ..:-)
The Customs and Immigration proceedings are rather complicated and don't make much sense to anybody, but the officers are super nice, very professional and efficient ... (no more sleeping custom officers behind desks)
- Work is progressing as expected and she will be moved into the secure storage area on Friday...

Grenada - Trinidad

30 April 2010 | Trinidat
Georg & Jill
Last night, we had a beautiful overnight sail into Trinidad.
Jill was still trying to "recover" from here health problems and did rest for most of the sail in the cockpit. At around 3AM I just got to tired to stay up, and she took over until sunrise.

We left Grenada short before 5PM and encountered pretty constant winds at 13-17 Knots with 6-8ft of swell - nearly perfect conditions I would say.
We ended up sailing with 4 other boats that left at various times that evening.
The agreed meeting point, a waypoint just east of an Oil rig about 22Miles offshore from Trinidad, seemed way to close for my taste, so I decided to head up more to the east.
This turned out to be a good decision, as the other boats where fighting strong currents and dropping winds around the rig. This forced some of them to round on the west side of the rig ???
.. Bottom line - they just could not catch up with us :-)
After passing the rig, I again headed up to the east whereas the rest of the group, seemed to be heading direct for the channel entrance in Trinidad.
Again I ended up with stronger winds and favorable currents. Actually I was going so fast, that I had to slow down for the last 3 Hours to make sure we would not make landfall before dawn :-).. (I had a "hard" time keeping here below 5 knots)

It was a beautiful sail and a prefect final for our first trip :-) :-)
(It won't be the same every time that's for sure )

here again

29 April 2010 | prickly bay grenada
So towards the end. Walti and Maria decided to stay on land and not do the long night sail to Trinidad. Some big swells, rough seas, a few tough sails....and I believe they'd like more land time so....... now on pain meds I think Georg and I will leave later today for an overnight sail to Trinidad. I couldn't have helped before as I couldn't move with pain (kidney stone I guess..ct scan showed).I do not like handfuls of pills but for now that is what I'm doing.....
I am going to go enjoy a great 1 hr massage and then we take turns 2/3 hr shifts sailing the open sea to Trinidad. I will pack up on Fri and fly to Costa Rica Sat. leaving Georg for 1 week to put the boat away for a few months.......

Long over due catch up :-)

20 April 2010 | now stable in Bequia
Jill we go again....our great captain made the call to sail up the western /leeward side of Union Island instead of the windward which the female captain knew was the right/best side to sail up...... After the first half hour the captain knew he may have not made the best call (the female captain knew right away :-)
Good wind, big waves, LOTS of STRONG current, sick crew, and 20 degrees off course (15-20 miles!) ......our usually beautiful trip to Bequia =3 hrs turned into 9/10 hours and went through 2/3 squalls.

Walti calls

15 April 2010 | True Blue Bay Grenada
So last night at midnight Walti calls and says "I have no idea how!?! someone caught this".....somehow the airlines figured out he was taking the wrong flight to Guyana and stopped him in Trinidad. He said he'd catch a flight up here this morning and meet us for breakfast (then we take off sailing).
Last night Georg called the airlines which was very hard as no ones around so late but through baggage claims he got a number/ one answers forever ......but finally are at the gate post.... and said to stop his friends ,don't let them get on their next flight as it's wrong! Such a funny story! Walti was not stressed at all ,you could hear the humor in his voice on the phone.
......You that know Walti.....can picture this.....he's a funny guy~
Now we have another good story!
Flying to the wrong country to meet us~
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