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Getting to Ft Pierce via Ocean as ICW bridge broken

Feb 26 We decided to go early the rest of the way to our planned yesterday anchorage, about 2 hrs and 5 bridges further up, so left at 6:30 AM (sunrise about 6:45 am). At the 2nd Jupiter bridge (a lot of these bridges have the same name) we were told that the...

We're ABRIDGED (lost some of our minds in ICW)

Feb 25. Left marina about 6:30 AM. Sunrise about 6:45. Motored up ICW as there were strong waves 1.6 m in ocean. Went through 22 TWENTY TWO bridges by 3:00 PM. I had NO IDEA there were so many bridges. No wonder people cross over to the north of Ft...

mark steering the boat

wing and wing into the sunset

Crossing back to the USA from Berry Cays

Feb 23
Mark decided that Berry Islands (Bonds) are Nassau tides plus 20 min, and the tide hts at high and low are about the same. (Note to self, just read article that says Exuma Cays are Nassau plus 30 min). Any way, so we left the anchorage at 7:30...

Our perfect anchor rotation graphic

Berry Islands Storm Hangout

Feb 18
Made a mad dash to Hibourne Cay for water, diesel, gas, produce (very expensive produce, but good!) and then on to the West Harbor of Nassau. This proved to be a very rolly surgey anchorage, so difficult to sleep.
Feb 19-23 Wed

Supplies at Highborne, Anchor after dark west end, Nassau

Finally lots of internet, so we are posting pictures on the blog.
Tomorrow we're off to the Berry Islands for about 8 days, then back to USA. Probably won't have internet in Berry Islands......

Turtle at Shroud Cay

Feb 15 Cambridge Cay Snorkled for 1.5 hrs drift snorkel on a reef in the ‘cut’ between the islands leading from the ocean. This is a ‘drift’ snorkel because you don’t anchor, just grab the bow line of the dinghy and jump overboard and then hang...