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07 October 2012

Replace Tools in Ease of Access Center to Reset Windows 7 Password

Replace Ease of Access tool with Command Processor

13 September 2012

How to Set up Parental Control in Windows 8?

If you are worried about your kid's online safety, a great way is to set up parental controls. In Windows 7, you can use its built-in parental controls to manage how your child uses the computer. You can set limits on the hours that your children can use the computer, the games they can play and the [...]

13 September 2012

Forgot My Acer Windows 7 Password?

I have Acer windows 7 and forgot my password! Any fast hacks to get in it? Please help me its urgent! I have no other accounts without a password. And the start in safe mode thing does not work for me.

31 August 2012

No Email Will Reset Forgotten Windows Password

It is quite embarrassing and terrifying if you forgot Windows password because everyone knows how important passwords are, but there is absolutely nothing to worry. The computer experts are well aware that people can sometimes be forgetful so they designed special programs in order [...]

29 August 2012

Reset Windows without Losing Important Files

Passwords are used to keep your things secured, especially personal items like mobile phones, computers, email addresses. This keeps your things private and inaccessible to unauthorized people. It is also mandatory to remember these codes whether by writing them down on a safe place or keeping them [...]

14 August 2012

Forgot Password? Password Unlocker Bundle is Your Best Solution!

It's easy to forget your password, like Windows login password, Office password, RAR password and more. As a password recovery tool provider, I often receive some emails about how to recover or reset the login/open password. I have collected some issues as follow:

Just take easy if you lost Windows 7 password

31 March 2012
Eeem Dothy
Forgot your Windows 7 password? Feel impressed? Well, it is not a big problem actually. Today forgetting the login password to Windows 7 laptop is a common problem for many PC users today.
There have been many proved Windows 7 password recovery tools to dealing with such problem on the internet. Therefore just take easy if you lost Windows 7 password.

Here is some encouragement: Realize it has happened, keep a peaceful mind and then try to remember or search all the possible actions you can do to recover or reset lost Windows 7 password immediately. Here are a few suggestions that you can use when you are locked of computer.

* (1) If you once set a password hint, please try to recall the lost password with the help of this password hint.
* (2) If a password reset disk is available, just click the Password Reset link which appears after entering a wrong password, and then follow the forgotten wizard to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password.
* (3) If you have a system repair disc or Windows 7 installation disc, you can access its recovery options to get back in the password protected Windows 7 laptop.

Well, if you neither have a password reset hint/ disk nor a system repair disc, what measures you can still take? Well, at that moment, you can consider using Windows Password Breaker.
The big advantage of this option is that you can reset Windows password easily in 5 minutes through it, without doing anything to in case of a lost password, like creating a reset disk. And it can help you reset Windows password whether you can log your PC or not.

* 1.Download and Install Windows Login Recovery in any available computer.
* 2.Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the application.
* 3.Set CD/DVD or USB as the first boot device in BIOS for your PC.
* 4.Reset Windows password with the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Generally speaking, Windows password breaker tool is most effective way to get back in a password protected computer. As a matter of fact, majority lost Windows password users rely on this tool to solve their problem. You can have a try if you forgot Windows password.
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