Windraker Sailing

Format 400 Catamaran

Someone moved Windraker while I am in Holland

If you are nosy where Windraker is currently have a look at Marina Betina website
When we arrived out place was occupied so we were asked to go at a other place, meters from the massive traditional Croatian...

Time for a rest

Windraker and owner going for a rest for new fresh adventures in July. This photo is where she is currently docked awaiting her owner to return.

Victron day

Today I completed the transformation from AGM to LiFePo4 by installing two dc/dc chargers with which you can charge controlled the LiFePo4. Pulled wires and installed units. Feerce northerly blow got us pinned to the dock, we were supposed to move to our place...

Back to Betina

Ater two glorious relaxing days in Telesica national park we sailed back to Betina where we will leave Windraker for a trip back to nederland. Still plenty jobs to do on Windraker buy I will space them out to get maximum enjoyment out of it

Telesica our favorite park

We stayed in this amazing park another day to relax without any drama. We did a high speed dinghy ride through the bay scooting out things to do and booked ourselves in the nice beachbar where we had the best fish of the Adriatico sea apparently that was a...


After I raved about the battery system yesterday we were without power when waking up. The LifePo4 switched itself off due to low voltage to protect itself. The old AGM’s were still in paralel so not complete without power.
The system tricked me that...

Navigating around the islands

Outboard was fixed after watched someone who knew what he was doing and pulled another (sneaky hidden) nozzle from the carburetor. Now dinghy outboard blast full power, enough to get the fresh bread from the marina and demand breakfast from the crew😀

Seagull friend

Today we stayed at Veli Rat to recharge ourselves and enjoy... nothing.
Put petrol in the outboard hooked it on the dinghy and....outboard did not come up revs unless choke. Managed to get some bread in ""town""and limped back. Took outboard carburator...

Barbie in Veli Rat

Full day of sailing in very light winds but made 22 mile to Veli Rat . Windraker used to have a permanent berth here with previous owners before they went to Murter.
We hoisted and dowsed mr screecher about 3 times our favorite sail in light wind from...

Sailing finally

We escaped the yard this morning saturday whilst craning work was in full action again. Before we left rigged up all the reefing lines in the mainsail ready for use when wind picks up. Everything needs to be in working order and if you ensure you prepare what...