Casting off

We are doing it!!! Ahhh cruising!

11 March 2015 | Black Point
10 March 2015 | Blackpoint
01 March 2015 | Pirates Beach
28 February 2015 | Pirates Beach
28 February 2015 | Pirates Beach
28 February 2015 | Big Major
26 February 2015 | Big Major
25 February 2015 | Sandy Cay
25 February 2015 | Near Big Major
24 February 2015 | Big Major
23 February 2015 | Big Major
23 February 2015 | Big Major spot
22 February 2015 | Big Major Spot, Stanial Cay
20 February 2015 | Pipe Creek
20 February 2015 | Stanial Cay
16 February 2015 | Stanial Cay
16 February 2015 | Stanial Cay Yatch Club
15 February 2015 | Big Major, Bahamas
12 February 2015 | Great Guana Cay

Yes!!! Its been awhile!!!!

04 June 2015
Ian cool in Canada
I Know, I know,

Its been awhile since updating our blog,

I have, and you may wonder too why people stop writing in their blogs. Whew, what can I say, caught up in the adventure, busy getting somewhere, lack of good internet connectivity.......

Yes to all, and more. We departed the Bahamas in Bimini with several boats for Lake Worth. The first attempt was pre-empted by storms and squalls and the visual effects of lighting too. So the fleet made a 0530 decision to abort.

The next weather window was to appear in 2 more days and this promised of a clam trip. Something the captains had promised the admirals..... Sure. crossed fingers!!!!

The trip back across was swift , seeing GPS speeds of as high as 9 knots at times.

We arrived and cleared in at Lake Worth, cruise permit all set up again....ahh the land of the plentiful and cheap beer!!!

Now the race was on to reach Green Cove where Lost Puppy will sit out the storm season. We of course felt the rush and need to return home to be with our trusty Tasha our dog( she was suffering from cancer and not doing so well).

We also had Tom and Lindsay driving down to collect us and help us store Lost Puppy for the off season.

After a 24 hour drive with an overnight in West Virginia we had returned home.

The sad note however we had to call the Vet to relieve our Tasha of her pain...( very sad!!!)

So after getting some jobs done on the farm....making some coffee, I am finally getting down to writing.....

Here is the reality of blogging..... Life? busy...yep!!! Family, home, friends to catch up with.... Get some work in to improve the kitty...... Get used to life in North America.....(way too busy)

Now that we are here....we want to get back there (Bahamas)

We have learned much in our voyage....and now with the Canadian dollar diving deep int the exchange world.... we have to consider all things to make life down south cheaper.....

Hmmmm just thinking about it we are only 5-6 months before we are plotting a course across the Gulf-stream again.......

So do people stop cruising.... some do! it can be scary, and even expensive!! I think many keep cruising...but don't write much....its so darn fun and at the end of the day after a sun-downer, and snacks aboard...sleep come quick,,,,then sunrise and you are busy again......(read not enough time to stop and write)

The crew of Lost Puppy has certainly met lots who have cruised for a long while and they seem very happy....we have made some great friends and look eagerly to meet up with them again.....

Perhaps in season 2 of Lost Puppy Down south..... I will make a better effort to write of our adventures!!!!

Until the next entry in this blog, I hope all who read have a safe , and happy summer!!!

Ian & Jenn

Corn chips! One more try!

11 March 2015 | Black Point
Ian, 84, sunny, very windy!
This week we have anchored in Black Point,

We got notice that the only fuel depot , Stanial Cay is out of regular gas. We note that all the fishermen are not going out. Even the cruisers with all the fuel we carry are reluctant to travel around for fear we run out!!!!! Yike....and who likes paddling anyways!!!!!

We have observed many boats now parking closer to shore? Fuel? Paddle range.??? Luckly enough the crew of Lost Puppy has more than 7 days gas for their needs!
After this we either have to run North to Nassau, or south to Georgetown for fuel.
Food we have lots, junk food we have little. To resolve this we attempt to make our own, as previously noted corn chip (salsa & chips) are very expensive in the Bahamas !

I did some modifications on my corn chips recipe.....and today, nice crispy chips,!!!!

Cooking at anchor has its challenges, but, a little creativity , a glass of wine, and darn near anything can happen!!!!!
Now to cook round 2,3,4 and try not to eat all of them!

Sitting in the wind

10 March 2015 | Blackpoint
Ian 78
We arrived in Black Point Mar 6, we have a nice spot in about 40-60 boats....
I fished , got nothing!

A skiff came up and now we have some lobster. ! Yum!

The winds are projected to howl until , just like Georgetown....we swing about the anchor!!!! This morning we have a gust well into the 30 knots range as a squall gave Lost Puppy a fresh water bath!!!!

Dingy valet parking

01 March 2015 | Pirates Beach
lots of parking, what a sunset!!!!

Jalepeno Jack Cornbread

28 February 2015 | Pirates Beach
Our contribution

Dingy valet parking

28 February 2015 | Pirates Beach
lots of parking, what a sunset!!!!
Vessel Name: Windreaper and Lost Puppy
Vessel Make/Model: Northstar 22, Kelly Peterson 44
Hailing Port: Midland
Crew: Ian and Jennifer
About: Jobs, officially gone, we moved Lost Puppy to Florida, our life begins again!!!! We have made so many friends in our boating experience so far and hope to enjoy more in the future, we are looking forward to letting go the dock lines and find what adventure awaits, somewhere! out there.....
Extra: So now we are in the Bahamas!!!
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Who: Ian and Jennifer
Port: Midland