Winds of Change

14 April 2009 | San Blas, Mexico
27 February 2009 | Mazatlan Marina, Mexico

San Blas & Mantanchen Bay Easter 2009

14 April 2009 | San Blas, Mexico
Our first 'real' extended trip - round trip of 270+ nautical miles from Mazatlan to Mantanchen Bay and San Blas.

We started off on Wednesday April 8th at noon having just dropped Abbey off at the airport for her trip to South Carolina. 7 hours of superb sailing 6-7 knots. At nightfall the wind died down completely and the Ocean became a pond - motoring brought us to Isla Isabela at 4am easily identifiable in the light of the full moon.

We arrived the next day at noon and anchored in Mantanchen Bay - Semana Santa was in full swing on the beach and we were treated to not one but two Bandas until nightfall!

That night Lilly, our cat, lost one of her 9 lives by falling over board at 3am - sleepy but swift rescue by towel saved the day (for her anyway!). The next day we decided to explore San Blas and given the throngs of people on the beach went into the San Blas Marina which was a delight. Friendly people a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a short walk to the the town center.

Annie was happy to walk on firm ground. That evening we prepared dinner on board with the backdrop of a spectacular sunset - see photo albums to the right.

The next morning we checked the weather and went into town for breakfast. Mulling over the possibilities we decided to take off earlier than planed to miss the worst of the expected weather. We missed some but got most... 10+ ft waves and 20+ knot winds on the nose.

After an uncomfortable but uneventful night we pulled into to the main harbor at Mazatlan and spent a welcome night in the shelter afforded to us.

The next day we returned to Marina Mazatlan at first light - altogether a great time and useful experience for the relative 'newbies' that we are.

Boat Renaming Ceremony

27 February 2009 | Mazatlan Marina, Mexico
After owning the boat for over two years we were delighted to have finally changed the name from "Judy Teames" to "Winds of Change".

Changing the name of a boat is not to be taken lightly and a complete ceremony invoking the gods is necessary lest bad fortune befall you. The full text of the ceremony will be posted soon and was kindly provided by our good friends Jeanette and Ray of Mazatlan Yachts.

We were fortunate also to have had the opportunity of making this a joint renaming ceremony with our Canadian friends from Ocean Blue II.

Vessel Name: Winds of Change
Vessel Make/Model: 34' O'Day
Hailing Port: Sandy Hook, N.J.
Crew: Joan & John Thomas
About: John & Joan & Abbey moved to Mazatlan, Mexico as their permanent base in November 2008 - we are looking forward to exploring the Sea of Cortez as well as destinations further south.
Extra: Email: Radio call sign : KC2UEC
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A few photos of our Christmas Day Sail
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Our first extended trip to San Blas and Mantanchen Bay
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Changing our boat name to "Winds of Change"
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Winds of Change

Who: Joan & John Thomas
Port: Sandy Hook, N.J.