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Vessel Name: WINDS ALOFT
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 380
Hailing Port: Newport OR
Crew: Casey & Laurilea Gibbs / Ron Gibbs
About: Chillin' and enjoying the cruisin' lifestyle
04 July 2009 | Norfolk
07 June 2009 | 27 51.6'N:79 18.5'W, Off the coast of Florida (Way Off!)
30 May 2009 | 23 30.2'N:75 46.0'W,
18 May 2009 | Providentiales
12 May 2009 | 21 19.3'N:71 38.9'W,
09 May 2009 | 20 19.8'N:67 56.2'E, On the Atlantic Ocean (Again)
09 May 2009 | 20 06.6'N:67 42.0'W,
09 May 2009 | 20 06.6'N:67 42.0'W,
03 May 2009 | 18 25.5'N:64 39.6'W,
20 March 2009 | Various
08 March 2009 | Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
27 February 2009 | 18 02.0'N:63 05.4'W, Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten
16 February 2009 | 18 02.0'N:63 05.4'W, Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten
08 February 2009 | 18 02.0'N:63 05.4'W, Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten
30 January 2009 | 18 00.0'N:63 'W, Sint Maarten
28 January 2009
27 January 2009
26 January 2009 | 18 27.4'N:55 27.4'W, Somewhere in the Atlantic
25 January 2009
24 January 2009
Recent Blog Posts
04 July 2009 | Norfolk

Joined the Navy Again

I've been terribly lacking regarding keeping up with this since we've gotten cell phone coverage. So sorry!

07 June 2009 | 27 51.6'N:79 18.5'W, Off the coast of Florida (Way Off!)

Last Leg to the US

We launched out of Port Lucaya, North Bahamas last evening. Our 17:00 start turned into an 18:00 start when we discovered the main halyard had somehow wrapped the hailing horn and would not allow the main sail to raise. We returned to the marina area and Ryan volunteered to go up the mast to free it. A quick job and we were off again... Then about 21:00 we got hit by a squall. Winds came out of the north at about 35 kts. LL and Marsha were on watch, but fortunately they got me up just in time to get the sails furled before the wind hit! We ended up motoring most of the night until about 03:00, due to fluky winds. Today is nice- cumulus clouds with some thumderheads building on the horizons. We're under the full main and genaker and making mid 7's for speed. Gotta love it! At this pace we'll make Charleston in less that 48 hours. That will give everybody a day to get their land legs back and maybe do a Charleston tour before the creww heads en-mass to SEA, leaving the capt all alone. Still haven't decided if I'm going to try to continue to move the boat northward ar just leave in in Charleston for a few weeks. Any volunteers for crew? Send your resume via email!

30 May 2009 | 23 30.2'N:75 46.0'W,

Georgetown, Exumas in the Bahamas

Hey everyone! Guest author Ryan is writing in the blog today to let you know how the voyage goes!

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

18 May 2009 | Providentiales
Well, we're still sitting out the weather here in Provo. Today has been another rain marathon. That's the second day of all day drenching we've had since we've been here. The weather to the north where we're going is even worse, so we haven't moved and probably won't for another couple of days.
Ryan arrived two days ago and I'm sure he brought all this with him! Since we're all going stir crazy here, tomorrow we are going to take the ferry to North Caicos Island and rent a car. We'll drive down to Middle Caicos and take a tour through the caverns they have. It's a 15 mile long cavern, akin to Carlsbad Caverns; except not nearly as developed. No lights- nothing. Ought to be interesting!
Then Wednesday we'll do some last minute provisioning, and Thursday hopefully be on our way to the Bahamas.
I've been trying to get the photo upload to work on this site, but it just isn't cooperating. So, I apologize for the lack of photos. Really, it's not my fault!
Current Position
WINDS ALOFT's Photos - Castles (Main)
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View from the Schloss (castle) Neuschwanstein.  You can see why they built it here!
Front door of the Schloss Neuschwanstein.
One of the Schloss Neuschwanstein towers.
Another castle nearby- Schloss Hohenschwangau.  King Maximimillian
View from Hohenwchwangau...
View from Hohenwchwangau...
Near tower is Schloss Hohenwchwangau, with Schloss Neuschwanstein in the background.
Some shots of Portugal and La Graciosa Island & Lanzarote Island
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