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08 February 2010 | Colorado Springs CO

Last Post here

08 February 2010 | Colorado Springs CO
Snow, Cold and dangerous roads
I've started a new site. I'm not going to stick on this site. I don't like the idea of paying to be able to use the maps, and tracking and so forth.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice site, but, simply put, I refuse to pay for something I shouldn't have to pay for.

Why not? Because, I'm trying to SAVE money to get out there and cruise, not give it to other people so they can line their pockets. Sure I have no problem with folks making a profit, but as of this year, it won't be at my expense.

I pay for the Internet, I pay for my domain names, I pay for my phones, my electric bill, my computers, I pay my taxes (damned well too much I might add) and I pay for others' free medical care when they show up at the hospital and don't have insurance. And the government wants MORE out of me.

I'm tired of it. Everyone suffers now. I won't pay another penny to anyone unless it is necessary for MY use - that is, if it's savings money toward my boat, or something *I* NEED to further my cruising dream, tough.

I've already canceled everything I don't need at home, cable and other things. I will keep a few things a little longer, then good-bye to those things as well.

Thus, this is my last post here. I've moved my site over to: - you're all welcome there, to follow the story.

Thanks for letting me post for free here Sailblogs, but... time to move on.
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