Paul and Priscilla's Baja Sailing Adventure

30 June 2013 | Tahoe City
16 February 2012 | San Francisco Bay / Tahoe City
13 February 2012 | Richmond Yacht Club
31 January 2012 | Santa Barbara
30 January 2012 | Me, Tahoe....Them, San Diego-ish
20 January 2012 | Tahoe
18 January 2012 | Cabo San Lucas
23 December 2011 | Us? Tahoe City ; Wind Spirit? La Paz
20 December 2011 | Todos Santos
19 December 2011 | Isla Ispiritu Santo
16 December 2011 | Marina Palmira
01 December 2011 | Tahoe City, California
21 November 2011 | La Paz
17 November 2011 | Marina Palmira
11 November 2011 | Bahia Frailes
10 November 2011 | Puerto Los Cabos
07 November 2011 | Puerto Los Cabos
05 November 2011 | Cabo San Lucas
30 October 2011 | Mag Bay - AKA Bahia Santa Maria
28 October 2011 | In Turtle Bay - Short Post

Quieter, mas expensivo dock

07 November 2011 | Puerto Los Cabos
We're now in what was billed as the newest, bestest and greatest marina in the area.....they don't think much of Baja HaHa' least Cabo San Lucas, reputedly THE most expensive marina in Mexico gave us all a significant discount. Here, the wifi barely works. They've stopped the planned resort construction since the recession has really killed the economy down here so the pool, spa etc are yet to be built. The wifi didn't work in Cabo San Lucas marina either. I guess I'm just destined to spend the next few days in the cantina....
They have a "swim with the dolphins" here, but I just can't bring myself to support that. For now, our big wildlife is an osprey that is marking his territory by landing on each mast head and chewing up the mastfly (wind indicator) We still have ours, but not for long. We have a sling shot, but I'm afraid we might have a pretty big bill after our many attempts to get near the sucker! We taxied into town for groceries and laundry since the wifi was down and I'll have to catch up on client work tomorrow. (Any clients reading this..thanks for your patience!!) This area was developing wall to wall resorts before the recession and its sad to see that they are mostly empty. This is their slow time of year and they anticipate a better holiday and winter season than last year. Lets hope! I'd like to get into the old town area for some tourist adventuring. I remember how quaint a place that was when we were down here in 2003, with shady cantinas and real art. Hope to get some pics for you!
There are about a dozen HaHa boats here and heading up to La Paz as we are, so I guess we'll keep bumping into them from time to time. Nice to see friendly faces in the cantina. When we came in yesterday, the beach and public park at the entrance to the marina was filled with families enjoying their Sunday, but for the HaHa'ers its a ghost town around here now!
Vessel Name: Wind Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 466
Hailing Port: Pt.Richmond / Tahoe City
Crew: Paul and Priscilla Zaro
About: Paul is a retired ABC7 cameraman and Priscilla is still dabbling in bookkeeping...from various ports!
Extra: We're leaving our slip at Richmond Yacht Club around Sept 15, 2011 to harbor hop south and travel to Cabo San Lucas with the Baja HaHa 2011. We have no further plans yet, just stay tuned for updates!
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